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The Christmas Fireplace

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When we moved into our home over 15 years ago, the fireplace had a wood burning insert.  But the fans didn’t work and I was leery of using it.

The original fireplace

The original fireplace

Mam Bear loves having a fireplace, so after a while, we found a gas log insert, the kind that doesn’t require venting and we bought it, then hired a local company to run a gas line to it.  Running the gas line cost more than the actual logs… LOL

We used it, but not much.  The kids tended to “own” the living room space, and the way the furniture was arranged did not lend itself to cozy evenings by the fireplace.  Several years ago, once we had stopped trying to use it altogether, I had blocked the fireplace off with some Styrofoam to keep it extra insulated.  I totally rebuilt the mantle to hang a TV above the fireplace when we had all the kids at home.

Yesterday afternoon, while Mama Bear and I were talking about how this was going to be our first Christmas home alone, no kids, no waking at 5 AM to tell them to go back to bed (admittedly that hasn’t happened in years), she made the comment she would love to be able to sit in front of the fireplace.

So I decided to give her an “extra” Christmas present.  I went down to the garage and grabbed some tools, grabbed the vacuum from my office, and headed off to do battle.  It took me about an hour to get everything cleaned up and then find a fresh battery before I could try it out.  But once everything was adjusted and tested, we ended up sitting in front of the fire for a while and relaxing.

I am still learning that time and effort often are the best present I can give, but to my wife I will always give her the best I can.

The new fireplace

The new fireplace

Merry Christmas Mama Bear.

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