Most people who know me know how much I love the snow.  Last night Baby Bear brought it to our attention that we were under a weather warning, so this morning when I ran my every other week errand, this was the scene out the back door when I got home:

Am I a happy bear or what?

Am I a happy bear or what?


The work front is finally looking like things are looking up, I am hoping tomorrow might be the first day I don’t have to work since the first of the year, which would be nice because I have a full day of things I have to catch up on… hmm I think I am trading one type of work for another.

On another note, I think have created a monster, quite literally…

A couple years ago I gave Mama Bear an IOU for a certain computer game, the long awaited next in a series we have been playing as a family for many years now.  We read many reviews after the game came out and much to our dismay it sounded like it was a loser, so we didn’t get it.  Last year Baby Bear expressed a strong interest in getting the next one, so for Christmas I bought three copies, one for Baby Bear, one for Mama Bear and one for myself.

Mama Bear is the only one how has gotten to play it to this point because of time and computer issues.  The other night I had to threaten to ground her like an 11 year old if she didn’t quit playing her game and go to bed… 😀


Diablo III does rule!!!


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