Service with a smile

posted by mark
Feb 1

I get cynical when talking about how people are treated  as customers these days.  All to often a transaction is not done with pride in workmanship, or ownership, and it just seems in so many circumstances we are left swiping our card through a machine with no touch of personal service.

I can’t think of too many gas stations where you can pull into the pumps and get full service these days, in fact I only know of one in town.  And so many stores are just merchandise machines where people work the floor but do not know anything about what they are selling or have any real pride in material or craftsmanship.

But I also have to tell you that I do know someone who does reflect the traditions of pride in ownership, in service to his customers, who we as a family have gone back to time and time again because he takes care of us, and every customer I’ve ever seen him with, with the tradition his father handed to him.

Jeff Reichard runs the dealership following in his father’s footsteps.  We’ve gone back for 5 cars in our family at last count, and I know if we have a problem, Jeff will take care of us.  I seriously doubt we will ever buy another car that is not from them.  If you are ever in need of a new or used car, or service, check them out, Reichard Buick GMC

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