Feb 3

I’m tired, as in not recovered yet from the last two months tired.  But… life goes on and I have yet to find the pull cord that stops the bus so I can get off at the next stop for a couple days R & R.

My brother-in-law is flying in today, well he is flying into an airport an hour and a half away, but since I like to drive, picking him up is no issue.  The only real problem is we have our best friends coming over tonight and I promised something smoked… 😀

Since my B-I-L is now flying into Cincinnati instead of the local airport, my timing is a little off…  I had to do some quick “recalculating” as the GPS tells me all too often…  So, a nice slow smoke for 3 hours or so to get the smoke in, then I’m going to pull the chucks and put them in a pan, add some magic elixir for flavoring, then foil it and pop it into the oven on a nice low heat to go for another 4-5 hours, should come out nice and tender, I hope.

On another note, Mama Bear asked me to please finish the bar in the kitchen.  So yesterday I pulled the upper deck apart and figured out how to finish off the exposed stud next to the new second level.  The spackle is drying and once I do at least one more coat and then sand it down it should be finished, well after a coat of paint, but paint is not my department.

However, you would think one of us would learn, she asked me this morning since we are having company for the game tonight, how long was the kitchen going to be torn apart for this?  My immediate answer was “two weeks ought to let me finish it”.  Fortunately for me she doesn’t throw things…. LOL

Like so many things, a bad day smoking is better than a good day at work any time…

Winter Smokin'

Winter Smokin’

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