Happy Birthday!!!

posted by mark
Feb 24

One of ¬†cousins birthday is today, yes, you know who you are… ūüėÄ

I realized it has been a while since I updated here, I haven’t been smoking, I haven’t been cooking much, work and the house have dominated my life it seems lately, but today I broke out the smoker.

We decided in spite of work we were going to smoke¬†something¬†this weekend, and beef was the craving. ¬†So we picked up a brisket and last night I started the process. ¬†I cleaned it up, trimmed it just a bit and rubbed that baby good. ¬†I can tell I’m out of practice, I forgot to take any pictures… LOL

If I can remember when we take it out of the rest before we cut/shred it up I’ll try to grab one and update.

I have to admit I slipped something in also. ¬†I started my diet again, and have been trying to watch and record what I eat day to day, record my weight and blood sugars and then modify as needed. ¬†For me portion control is sometimes an issue, I LIKE to eat. ¬†Putting me in a kitchen a great thing, but it is also like giving the crack addict the keys to the pharmacy some days… LOL SO after the brisket came out I took some chicken breasts and smoked them, diced them up and then portioned them out for use in breakfast scrambles and whatever strikes my fancy. ¬†I’d like to think that is smart thinking, but I think it is taking the easy road to, which is not a bad idea right now.

As for the house, I’ve started framing the fireplace back in, but no real progress otherwise. ¬†I did manage to finish the wall around the “bar”…

The bar is finished

The bar is finished

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