Mar 4

Mama Bear has been on me for weeks to slow down.  She has been upset I am putting so many hours in at work, and still pushing to get things done around here.  Not to mention dieting and pushing myself to get in shape at the same time.

Some times I hate it when she is right…

Near the end of last week I took the dogs out to the back yard.  It had been raining and misting off and on all afternoon, so the deck was wet and slippery and of course I haven’t put the lights up on the deck yet, so the middle deck was totally dark.   The lights have been sitting in a tub by the back door for a year and a half, lower priority I kept thinking.  One of the dogs zigged when I thought they zagged and the next thing I know I’m slipping trying to avoid stepping on a small dog and slide down a couple stairs…

On the way down I slam the arm that has tennis/mouse elbow, a knee and as I hit my back twists… The dogs of course stair at me blankly for a second then trot down the rest of the stairs to the yard and go about their business.  I climbed to my feet and slowly climbed back up the stairs and went for the arthritis strength acetaminophen since I was already on an NSAID.

Saturday I couldn’t sleep, so of course I got up at zero-dark thirty, and accomplished nothing.  Well, not really nothing, I moved my friends TV, I think I figured out how to frame the fireplace project finally, I got the framing around the entryway where the lift chair used to be done, although we can’t seem to figure out what we want for spindles and I still need to trim it out.

Then yesterday I got up and felt just like what I have always known a hangover must feel like.  I’ve never had a hangover, but that has to be it.  Mama Bear took one look at me when she got up and the only thing she said was “you look like crap…” How do you respond to that?  I said “thanks…”, then spent the rest of the day wrapped in a sweatshirt and blanket in my recliner.  I still felt like crap this morning so I “called in” sick today, not something I like to do.

So… wait for it… wait for it… wait… here it comes… I think she’s right, and I need to slow down just a little bit.  There, I said it, don’t they say the first step to fixing your problem is to admit you have a problem?   Crap, I feel like I have joined some anonymous group.. hi, my name is Bear, and I have a problem…

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