Mar 9

When Mama Bear and I got together many years ago I was a night bear.  I worked shift work when I could, I was just a bear who liked the night time.

Now apparently I am a sometimes morning bear.  More often lately it seems I am up early, on the weekends before everyone else certainly, but even during the week sometimes when Baby Bear is up getting ready for school.

It isn’t a bad thing, and I wonder if this is part of that adage that the older you get the less sleep you need.

On a Saturday or Sunday it isn’t so bad, especially if I am smoking, like today, but some times it isn’t as pleasant   Yesterday I had to have blood work drawn for my checkup.  It was fasting blood work so I couldn’t have my coffee or my breakfast.  I asked Mama Bear to set the alarm a little later so I would have less time wandering around not being able to eat or drink… of course I woke up early, before 7, and my appointment wasn’t until after 9, so yesterday was a morning where getting up early did not reward in any way, shape or fashion…

Today it isn’t so bad to be up before the sun, after all tonight the clocks roll forward and I will lose some of that earlyness anyway…  I heard an interesting statistic yesterday on the news, the risk of heart attacks goes up by 5% the week after we roll the clocks forward.

OK, enough morbidity, I do miss the night sometimes, especially when we are sitting watching TV and I look out the window at the calmness or the movement of the trees, at the light of the moon and stars reflecting off the ground or better yet the snow.  I used to be a part of that, like so many other things I used to be a part of, time passes, lately it seems almost too quickly, the children grow up and become their own people, time just passes.

Today I smoke, I’m doing a double.  I thought I was going to do a triple but Mama Bear (probably being smarter about it than me) only picked up one pork butt instead of the full shoulder, I was planning on a butt and a full shoulder plus the beef.  But we’re doing a Beef Loin Top Boneless Sirloin butt along with the pork butt.  All told I’m doing about 15 pounds in the smoker today, pretty soon I’m going to have to think seriously hard about upgrading, because this is going to come close to maxing it out.  I do have one more rack I could use, and in fact I was planning on using it today, but seriously, we’re going to be enjoying some meat tonight.

So, sitting here listening to some good tunes, thinking about cooking, doing a little cruising  and shopping, early isn’t so bad any more…

The top one is the pork butt, the bottom is the BEEF!!!

The top one is the pork butt, the bottom is the BEEF!!!


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