I’ve always been a jack of all trades.  Ever since I was a kid, I was never satisfied just knowing one thing, I wanted to know how and why.  I did not always ask, or follow through, but I liked knowing how things worked.

A few years ago, the Reverend needed to give a presentation in Florida, but she couldn’t travel, so we opened our own video studio, sort of.  We created a small set in front of the fireplace, set up a teleprompter with a TV and had a camera and mike set up, then after taping I learned how to edit the video and build a DVD complete with menus and inserted illustrations.  It was a challenge and I enjoyed it.

Recently Mama Bear and I were clearing out our bedroom to take all the furniture out, since it is time for a change, and came across a box of old VHS video tapes.  Some of these tapes are of our lives before we were together, some of our beginning our life together, and some were of our parents. I had spoken to my father about transferring videos to DVD’s a while back, or at least digital, and so I decided it was time to start.

We have a mix of tapes; VHS, 8mm video, and some newer digital tapes also.  I’ve transferred some of the digital for kids projects and things, and I have been meaning to get all of it transferred over the years, just never had the time to do it.  Well, it needs to be done, so now I’m doing it, before it is too late.

I dug out some hardware I bought several years ago, went fishing for a working VHS player, yes I still have a couple, and this morning when I got up instead of going flying I started figuring out how to get them from tape to digital.  It took me a couple hours and I am a little worried the hardware might not hold out to get them all captured.

Right now I am pulling video off the tape from our wedding, our “honeymoon” trip with the kids and our good friends wedding, they sort of followed in out footsteps that year it seemed.  I had to laugh as we joked with the mayor of Cheyenne  since he had married us just a few weeks before and we were back as the “best couple” for our friends.

In the long run it will be good to have it done, but at the moment it is a little nerve wracking; these are the only copies of most of this stuff that I know of and I am dreading holding my breath while some of these 30 year old tapes wind through the tape player in the hopes none of them get eaten by the machine…

The only other problem I think I have is I’m going to need a lot more disk space to capture all these hours of tape, but that is a simple fix, a couple more hard drives for storage and backup… that’s just toys. 🙂

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