Working around…

posted by mark
Apr 7

I think until last weekend, in spite of having sever weekends “off”, I hadn’t gone a full day without working.

Getting away last week opened my eyes to just how enmeshed I have become with work.  I have lived with a BlackBerry so long it has become something I can’t leave home without.  So this last week has lead to some soul searching.  I love my job, well for the most part, although there have been some changes lately that have left many of us feeling alienated.

On a better note though, this weekend has been a non-stop whirlwind of project completions.  I finally got all the parts for the entryway light and got it mounted, I finally got the new dryer installed with all new venting, and the wall in the bedroom is done (except for the baseboard where the door was) and the TV and bedroom switched around.

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