Apr 22

I have a long running battle with my home and water.

From the very beginning of our relationship with this house, I have fought with the plumbing.  Nothing drastic, we’ve never woken up to the basement flooded or been without water for days on end.  But it seems with every remodel project that comes close to some sort of plumbing I spend long hours to get it straight, on the other hand at least I enjoy the work, mostly.

Last weekend, on Sunday evening of course, the sink in the kitchen developed a leak.  The wild child noticed water running across the floor and it led to under the sink.  Some investigation led me to think the fittings had worked loose, but further investigation led to one of the trap pieces having corroded through.  I had to run to Lowes, so off I went.  I got there, thought through what I needed and pieced it together in my head and pulled the parts and came home.  15 minutes under the sink made me realize that the parts I had weren’t going to do it, one of the drain pieces was a sweated fitting, I couldn’t take it off.

So I grabbed what I didn’t need and the baby bear wanted to ride along and off we went back to Lowes, only to discover they close at 8 on a Sunday, not 9 like I thought…  Since we were already out I thought Home Depot is open to 9, I was sure… Nope.

So on the way home we went by my parents house.  Dad spent years as a GC and even though I know he’s been giving away the spare parts trying to regain his garage, I had some hope he might have a few parts left.  Bingo, he had 2 opened trap bags and one tail pipe.

Another half hour under the sink and no more leak…

Drainenstein (you know the Frankenstein of drains)

Drainenstein (you know the Frankenstein of drains)

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