Again, I started a smoke and forgot to take pictures…  I’m terrible about that. 😀

Today is the party for the wild child’s graduation.  After choosing between 3 majors, a couple minors, some soul searching and a switch from quarters to semesters, she has graduated with a major in Art and a minor in Criminal Justice… yes, quite the combination, but it does seem to fit her.  I am proud of her.

Today starts the first day of the rest of her life… oh wait, she’s decided to go for her masters, so actually nothing much changes for a while.  She is going back to school in the fall and still working at the Busy Beaver…  But I am proud of her, she is making this decision for the right reason, not because she couldn’t fly away on her own at this point.

So, in honor of her accomplishment, we’re having an open house/party, and around here a party means something gets smoked…

So, in spite of this, we’re smoking a turkey.  I’ll try to take pictures later, or get Mama Bear to take some if she can remember better than I…

The current Radar

The current Radar

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