May 5

So I just read an announcement that the iPhone 6 will be released in the not too distant future, seriously?  They are still selling new iPhone 4’s and touting the iPhone 5, not to mention 12 new Android phones that are all potential iPhone “killers”.  Again, seriously?

We are looking to change carriers, we have issues with the fact our regional carrier has switched to an off-shore support model and the fact we have terrible service where we live.  We have dropped calls and “no service” warnings all the time and yet we live in the center of one of the largest suburbs in our area.  So it is rapidly coming time to shift.

I’ve been pricing phones and plans and the most obvious thing to me is that in spite of all of the hype surrounding all the new phones, technology is moving so fast that long before the contract ends you are being told how outdated and outmoded your phone is because 3 new versions of it have been released in the intervening two years…  With the cost of some of these smart phones topping $300 with a contract commitment, that seems somewhat outrageous.

When we change carriers, we have to change 5 phones unless we plan on cutting some of the kids off and throwing them to the wolves, the phone wolves so-to-speak. So it’s a family plan and though we have told them we would provide phone and texting, I have no desire to pay for unlimited data plans on 5 phones, that would just drive the cost through the roof, on top of the cost of 5 new phones all at one time.

I am finding myself sort of longing for the days when your choice in cell phone meant was it going to be black or grey, and flip or brick…

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