Jun 16

Happy Father’s Day to all the Papa Bears out there, and to mine especially.

I’ve been a bad bear and not been putting anything up here the last few weeks.  In my defense it has been a busy few weeks, work and home life never end…

Mama Bear and Baby bear both had wisdom teeth pulled a couple weeks ago, so the week after was sort of a fuzzy walk through life. I’m not sure how it was for them, but I was fuzzy…

I smoked a brisket a few weeks ago, it wasn’t bad, but I was not satisfied.  I think the people around me think I’m nuts, well scratch that they know I’m nuts, but while it was good there was room for improvement.  Somehow we ended up with no pictures.

But… I’ve done something new.  I’ve been wanting to make my own bacon for a while now, so I did.  It is not a short process and there is a definite learning curve. But it is BACON!!!

We didn’t take any picture of the preparation the first day. We had a house full of kids playing games and I was doing it at 10 at night, but I’ve got some pictures of the cutting and cooking.  Making bacon is a time consuming process mostly because you prep it for curing, then it curs for a length of time, in this case a week, before you smoke it, then chill it again over night to slice it, so it takes a while…

Maple on the left, salt cured on the right

Maple on the left, salt cured on the right

I made three different kinds of bacon; Salt cured pepper bacon(on the right in the picture above), Maple Cured Bacon and Maple Cured Beef bacon(on the left in the picture above).

Slicing it up

Slicing it up

All told, I think we ended up with around 6 pounds of bacon after trimming, prepping and smoking.  I threw away a bit of it after slicing as well, because well you don’t want too much bacon that is just smoked fat.  Although if you are like me, it makes a great flavor alternative to oil if you are cooking something and need a little bit.

I sent a couple small care packages out for taste testing, but we had to have some.  We tried some right after slicing it, but we had some really good bacon cheese-burgers that night. 😀

Makin' Bacon

Makin’ Bacon

Even Mama Bear seemed to have approved…

The Stamp of Approval

The Stamp of Approval

So here is a final memory to leave you with…


Bacon makes everything better...

Bacon makes everything better…


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