Yes, the fountain water is pink to support Breast Cancer Awareness. Paint the Square Pink, Dayton OH

Recently I lost a dear friend of mine to breast cancer.  I wrote about her a while back when we planted flowers for her last summer.  It has made me reflect on many things in life.  She had a very full life.  She did a lot, accomplished a lot.  She had a wonderful husband, 2 beautiful children, and 5 grandchildren she adored.  I feel sad that they won’t have her as they grow up, but they will have memories.  More importantly – Her accomplishments.  She made a difference.  So many times you think about doing something, but life gets busy and that thought passes.  It didn’t with her, she took action.

Sometimes I feel bad that I’m not more like her.  But I had my place.  I was one of the team; the creative one that backed her up.   I would take her ideas, design and create.  She would get it out there.  She was never afraid to knock on doors, ask the questions, and confront anything that got in the way.  She was that way fighting cancer.  She fought a good fight.  The cancer took her from us now, but it will never take away all we knew of her <3

To Each Their Own

Today is my mother’s birthday.  She is 87 years old.  The photo in the previous post is of her mother.  She was born in 1901 and lived to be 96 years old.  It does make you stop and think.  The passing of time – where does the time go?


It snowed yesterday – quite a bit.  I braved the cold and stepped outside to take a picture.  It has a beautiful peace when it snows like this.  For a while there I started thinking they might even close school early, but it stopped.  Then it was really still, nothing moved at all.  I find a sort of fascination to this having lived in Cheyenne, Wyoming for 15 years.  This never happened there unless you were in the eye of a tornado, then it isn’t a peaceful kind of peace.  But here we can enjoy it.  Yes, it is cold, and a pain to shovel (thank you to our neighbor with the snow-blower who loves to do the whole street), but all things considered I appreciate this just as someone else would swinging in a hammock on a beach in the Caribbean.  To each their own 🙂


Our Family Tree

Last night we watched a show on the Family Tree.  This was a show that went beyond our researching into a few generations going back.  It went into DNA research that traced us back to a “Scientific Adam and Eve.”  Hubby and Wild Child watched this show and you could actually see the sponges absorbing.  They soaked it all in, and what gets me is that they retain it!  Me, I can’t even remember the name of the show, let alone how all the DNA stuff works.  It makes sense when I watch it, but all blurs as soon as it makes sense to me.  But I guess that is how the brain works.  My talents lie elsewhere.


My Nana

I on the other hand love genealogy.  For some reason the names and personal information stick with me.  It has been a passion of mine since I was pregnant with the oldest.  I was 25 and it was August, and I was 8 ½ months pregnant, in Arizona.  My OBGYN told me to go home, sit on the couch, and stay cool.  I was so bored!  My Nana, my mother’s mother, would come and spend the day with me.  We talked a lot, and she told me stories.  So I started to take notes, lots of notes.  I am so very glad I did.

With my maternity pay we bought a Commodore 64 computer, very cutting edge for 1983.  I started typing everything in and building a family tree.  My Nana wrote to her family in England, and her niece had a tree going which she sent me.  The rest is history, yes I did say that 🙂

Many people who are bitten by the genealogy bug at a young age don’t stick to it.  This is also something that unfortunately doesn’t interest most people until they retire.  They have time then.  They think about their mortality, and start to work on their family tree.  But most of the people who you would have asked the questions are gone now.  I was lucky, it stuck with me.  I have asked the questions, and written down the answers.  I was still not able to ask all the question I wanted, and as I have gotten older have found questions I didn’t even think to ask when I could have.  So this brings to mind the idea of time travel.  What if I could go back?  Who would I want to talk to?  But more important, what question would I ask?

Following in My Footsteps


Today my wild child was following in my footsteps.  I hope she is able to go farther than I was.  I got my first 35mm camera in 1977.  My best friend Debi was my model, and we took pictures everywhere.  But not long after that I had my first child.  She was born at 28 weeks, and although she had problems and was a real fighter, she left us just before her 16th birthday.  I filled my life with my children, and the dream of becoming a photographer took a backseat.  I did continue my education, worked in a photo studio, and did some locations shoots as well.  But I was never able to make it the real career I would have liked to.

cass_shooting_9808The wild child is majoring in Art, and will graduate with her Bachelors in May.  She can do so many different mediums that she hasn’t found her niche yet.  This semester she is taking photography.  To top it off she also has to use real film.  Yes, no digital camera.  But she will get the joy of really learning how to ‘see’ what she is taking, not just snap a shot.  Then to develop that film and watch something she saw in her mind appear on the paper.  Do you get the idea this is something that thrills me?

Watching my daughter enter into a world that I have enjoyed for so many years is really wonderful.  Mostly because even though photography isn’t really her art of choice, she appreciates it as art.  She is taking this class with the full intent of getting everything she can out of it.  It is a joy to see her taking it all in.

Can you believe it, I did it again!

Ok, let me set the stage here.  As you know we moved our living room wall 3’ to expand our small master bedroom closets into a beautiful walk-in closet.  I just love it!  But then came the question of how to arrange our living room.fireplace_before_8583_reducedI asked if we could mount a TV over the fireplace and free up more floor space.  Great idea, right?  So for the family Christmas present we got a new 47” TV.  We had to order the mount, so today Hubby went to put it up.fireplace_one_9785

Step 1: remove everything off the mantel and wall.  The new TV is sitting there ready.  We know there are only furring strips behind the paneling, but we hold out hope we can put the mount up with a little engineering . . . fireplace_two_9786

Hummm, maybe more than a ‘little’ engineering.  Looks like I’m getting new built-ins in the living room.  Another new project!

On a happier note, the oldest fiancé stopped by Ikea for us and exchanged the broken brackets for the new bar. Now to oil the top bar, and find homes for everything.  Well, that is after I figure out where to put everything I have to get out of the way for the new built-ins around the fireplace.  Ahhh, the joys of having a man-of-all-trades hubby.  Or should I say Renaissance Mancounter_9786b

Happy New Year

The wild child has a blog of her own.  She doesn’t use it much, so I asked her about it.  She said she has nothing to blog about.  Hummm, made me ponder.  Back when she was little I used to talk to my mom on the phone every Saturday morning.  I would regale her with stories of the kids’ antics of the week (ahhh, two words I rarely get to use, regale and antics).  Many times she would tell me to write them down as she would inevitably end up in stiches from laughing.  But as a busy mom, who has time?  I sure didn’t, so sadly it didn’t happen.  I try to think back, and do remember a few great ones.  Those I have written down now, and now I hope to do it more often.  But it brings me back to the wild child.  How could she have nothing to write about?  She lives a lot of the same life I do.  So I am going to try to pinpoint events for her and see what happens.  I’ll probably just get the eye roll, but that is my job as a mom, right?

smokin_plated_9778We had a very interesting New Year’s.  The goal for Hubby was to relax and do nothing.  Well he did sneak it a few little things, but overall he spent the long weekend ‘flying’ and ‘smokin’’.  He did feel odd doing it, but it was good for him.  New Year’s Day he smoked pork (check out his blog for details).

I read a book.  Now to most this isn’t such a big thing, for me it is.  I used to read a lot, but over the years it has become less and less me.  Well Hubby gave me a Nook for my birthday.  It was to replace my little pad want-to-be for work, and fun.  It will be great for demos at meetings, to load pictures on, and I love having it next to my chair to have internet access.  You know, when you are watching something on TV and have a question.  Now I can just pull it out and Google it.  But it is a Nook, so maybe I should read a book.  But what to read?  I never remember authors, and have no idea what current authors I would like, so I picked an old standby, Agatha Christie.  I read “Death on the Nile”.  I vaguely remember watching the movie, and with what often happens with her stories, you don’t remember who really did it, or at least get a good way into the story before you do remember.  The nice thing was that the book has a bit more plot line than the movie, so you get more for your time.  I totally enjoyed it, and plan to read more.  I kind of like the idea of reading the classics.

nook_cover_9781I love my new Nook.  My only issue was in getting a cover for it.  They are expensive, and your B&N membership discount doesn’t apply.  I broke down and went to the store yesterday.  I had decided to just get the most inexpensive one for now, and get a spiffy one later.  I thought I had found the perfect choice.  It was only $19.95 and when I felt the cover I concluded it was plastic rather than the faux leather or leather, so the lower price.  But when I got home I discovered it was a top cover for the “Nook Swap-it Cover.”

nook_cover_9782There was no display or advertisement in the store for the Swap-it.  This particular one was the only one I found as well.  The only place it said anything about it being “interchangeable” was on the back, but then it still didn’t make it clear it was only the front part.  In frustration I decided to just go online and order one with a back and go from there.  They don’t have any.  Not that they are out of stock, they are not even listed on the website!  I am so confused!


UPDATE: I threw the local B&N store manager for a loop.  He didn’t know they carried such a thing.  He even went to their website to look, and couldn’t find them either. One of the clerks said they had one of the Swap-it Covers behind the NOOK counter and got it.  $39.95 and black.  So in order for me to have my plaid cover it would cost me $60!  Needless to say I settled for the less expensive teal one for now.  At some point I will find the right cover that is more me 🙂