Missing the little pick-up

Well the house construction continues.  We finally got the bedroom furniture out of the house.  Well it is in the garage for now.  Who would have thought that we would miss that little pick-up so much!  I mean a lot!  We have furniture we need to move over to the oldest’ garage to store.  We have wood and drywall to get home.  We are constantly needing to move or pick up stuff that requires a truck.  But then, it will sit in the driveway for months on end – never moving – not needed.

Yesterday the youngest got her learners permit.  She will start to drive soon.  Maybe her first car should be a pick-up?!!  What a wonderful idea (heehee).

That Protective Gene

You really never stop being a mom.  That protective gene is not something you can turn off.  So I tell all the kids in our “village” (yeah, even the ones who are thirty-something), you will just have to bear with me.  I will always be looking out for you.

The latest incident set off the wild child as well, so I don’t feel so bad.  One of the village kids was on Facebook with another one.  She had her house key and posted on Facebook that she would leave it in her mailbox for the other to pick up, and they even set a time!  I have a cousin who posted their vacation plans in advance.  She even put up pictures of the hotel where they were going to stay.  Even the wild child put a comment up that she had to rethink and remove (but it is never completely gone is it?).  So I have started to rethink this whole Facebook, social networking thing.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “She blogs!  She shares all sorts of things!”  This is true, but not.  Oh I know that if someone really wanted to find out who I am, where I live, the names of my kids etc. they could.  But what I share is benign.  The way I think about it is that I wouldn’t put anything on my blog, or Facebook for that matter, that I wouldn’t mind being in the local newspaper.  So, that being said, you don’t put an ad in the paper that you are going away, because any burglar will happily plan a heist for the dates you are gone, DUH!

I will end the rant with that, but it doesn’t change that protective gene. Somewhat related to that, I read a quote from Erma Bombeck the other day.

“One thing they never tell you about child raising is that for the rest of your life, at the drop of a hat, you are expected to know your child’s name and how old he or she is.”  Erma Bombeck


1995 – the youngest wasn’t born yet.

This is so true!  Be honest, how many times have you looked at your child and gone through every other child’s name before you hit the right one?  For me, with 6 names, it would be stringing the first few syllables of each name.  Eventually I will hit the right one.  I will wholeheartedly say that it has nothing to do with the child.  It is just old age and the stress on the brain cells.  That is my story and I am sticking to it!

Snow Day!

snowday_0248Today we had a ‘snow day’.  We had quite a bit of snow last night; after a few days of rain and sleet.  So it all stuck to the trees.  What a beautiful scene to wake up to.  I grabbed my camera in my PJ’s and ran to the front door.  It was a bit chilly out there to say the least.  It was so still . . . and then a gust of wind . . . the neighborhood started to make a creaking noise.  Really spooky sounding.

snowday_0250This big tree in our front yard has had quite a time of it.  We almost lost it but for a friend of a friend.  We learned that the soil in the front was depleted of nutrient because it is a manmade hill.  In other words, when they built the house they shoveled dirt in front and plopped a tree in it.  So we got some special tree spikes and it came back to life.  But it now has a bald spot on one side.  The creaking noise had me worried as the branches are hanging so low, I would hate for one to break.

What to watch (and not watch) on TV

I believe at some point I have mentioned the A&E show “Duck Dynasty” (DD).  This show caught our attention when we saw the episode about the bee hive, and we were hooked.  I saw a news report yesterday that really got me to thinking. This season’s premiere had 8.6 million viewers!  They also said that American Idol (AI) had its lowest ratings that night since its debut.  So what does this say?

As someone who has watched AI for many years (we started in 2005), I think I know a bit about it.  This was our family show.  It actually started with my son.  He was a psychology college student and curious about human behavior.  Well that was the excuse.  At the time people were very much closet watchers.  You would only admit you watched it to others you found out watched.  But for me it was a time my family would gather together to watch something harmless but entertaining.  No violence, blood or gore; a nice evening listening to music.  As the years went by the older kids got busy, but we still watched loyally with the youngest (and wild child checking it).

This past summer AI added a new judge (I don’t want to type her name as it might be picked up in searches, but her initials are NM).  This judge started a lot of controversy.   She took the show from a family event to a level that none of us wanted to watch.  Especially the 16-year-old.  Needless to say, we aren’t watching this year.  After watching 8 seasons of AI this one person managed to drive us away.  It is hard to believe that one person can do this, but she did.

On the other side we have Duck Dynasty.  This show is ‘harmless but entertaining’, well that is unless you are a duck.  It seems a certain vegan singer got very upset when he found out he was booked on the same interview show with them.

*side-rant* why is it that people against something will cause such a controversy, but the ones on the other side would never dream of making a big deal about them?  Could you ever see the cast of DD refusing to be on a show because one of the other people was vegan? *rant over*

DD is a show about family.  It chronicles their life with humor and love.  They end each show with a moral as we watch the family gather around the table for dinner.  This show gives our family what AI used to.  So I guess the moral of this post is this, the powers that be who make the decisions for American TV need to pay attention.  When a simple reality show like DD can draw this many viewers they must be doing something the viewers like.  Or more importantly, they aren’t doing the things most viewers don’t really want to watch.  Just a thought . . .