Moving Along

furniture_moving_1860We are another step closer as the newest acquisition is proving its worth.  We got the furniture moved out of our garage and over to the oldest’ garage.  But that wasn’t the biggest joy of the day.  It was that we got to spend it with our son and his fiancée.

We are going through transitions in the family on a number of levels.  Our son graduated from college and moved out.  Then he got engaged on Thanksgiving Day 2011.  The wedding is in August, and coming quickly.  They are planning their future, but one thing I really appreciate is their approach.  They came up with ideas, and then approached the people they knew would have the best advice.  My mother-in-law is a realtor, so she is the one to ask about buying a house.  He has a small inheritance from my father that is managed by our financial planner.  So they made an appointment to speak with him.  He gave them ‘homework’, so they came to us to understand what it all meant.  My point is that they are doing it for themselves, but tapping into the right people at the right time.  Being independent, but also being smart.  I guess those college degrees were really worth it 🙂

This weekend the wild child graduates with her Bachelors in Art, with a Minor in Criminal Justice.  We make a point of including it all as she took 6 years to get it.  But along the way she tried different things, learned different things, and has made herself a much fuller person because of it.  She has decided to go on for her Masters, but now is on the search for what area to study.  The world is open to her.  She can go any direction she wants.  What a wonderful place to be.  But also what a scary place to be.

Next we will have the oldest wedding in October 2014 to plan for.  Not to leave the youngest out, but she just started driving lessons.  We all know what a landmark time that is for a 16-year-old.  But last night I had a craving, that pure joy of snuggling a baby.  Yes, the grandma bug is raising its ugly head.  But I realize that everything is in its time.  I will admit that not having little ones around for some time has been a joy as well.  I mean let’s get honest.  When we are stuck at home with a brood of kids we relish the thought that someday the house will be quiet.  There will not constantly be messes to clean up or worse yet, bored kids to try and find things to entertain them with.  But then we get those clean rooms, and stress free days, and miss that chaos.  So we now start our adventure into the next part of lives.

What is art?

“What is junk to some, can be art to another.”  I have heard that many times.  Oh there are those pretentious artsy types who act like they know what they are talking about, but clearly don’t.  Then there are people like me, I know what I like.  It doesn’t mean anyone else has to like it.  Well if I put it in the house I try to make sure Hubby at least will tolerate it.

martinis_sign_0880When we were in Ocean City we were walking around one of the stores and this sign caught my eye and made me smile.  It was way up on the wall, so we couldn’t reach it.  But as I continued to walk around the store I found myself looking back over at it and smiling.  I told Hubby I wanted it.  His response was “where will you put it?”  I thought for a second and said “I don’t know.  But it makes me smile, so I want it.”  Right now it is propped up on the bar.  I pass it many times a day, and I smile, so it stays there.

It got me to thinking about decorating the house.  I have always had ‘themes’ in a room.  It started way back when I was a 20-year-old newlywed and had received the neatest wedding gift.  A full matching bathroom set.  This included the shower curtain, towels, trash can, and other matching things.  From there it just grew.   10 years later it looked like this.


Yes, owls everywhere!   The kicker here is that this was such a good set that I had it until we moved into a new house that had a glass door on the tub/shower about 5-6 years later!

I digress, just a little.  My point . . . rooms with a theme.  So the living room has always been southwestern.  Not because it was ‘in’, but because we lived there; Arizona, and then Wyoming.  Things were added, but most had a meaning, or were gifts from someone special.  So the living room stays southwestern.  I have quite a few oriental things because I grew up around them.  They give me a sense of peace and comfort.  In other words, they make me feel good.

Now we are redoing our bedroom.  I don’t want a ‘theme’ per se, but rather a feel.  So we are going with the things that are special to us.  We will bring things in, and just find a home for them.  No rhyme or reason, just what we like.  It will be interesting to see what the end result will be . . .

Can you touch your elbows together?

The wild child and I are ‘busty girls’.  She found this website that really says it all; check it out for a laugh.  One of the cartoons asked the question “can you touch your elbows together?”  Well the answer for both of us is obviously “no”.  I think at some point I have written about this topic before, but I think it needs repeating.  Or maybe I just need a topic to blog about 🙂

This morning we were looking at the latest Lane Bryant catalog and started analyzing the ‘fashion’ for big girls.  Now don’t get me wrong, they do have some pretty things.  But some of the clothes were downright ugly.  There are clothes that would be so unflattering to anyone but the model that had it staged on.  And to be honest, a couple of them didn’t look so nice in them.  It got us to wondering who is really designing these clothes.

This country is fighting an obesity epidemic.  But yet, everything is geared to the skinny girl.  Advertisements push being thin, but yet in the real world it isn’t so prevalent.  So it makes me wonder why?  Has it come to the point where girls believe they can never reach that perfection, so just quit and go the other way?  If you don’t want to develop a disorder like anorexia or bulimia to be thin, then you accept being fat and go with it?  But more important, why do the companies that are supposed to be helping big girls look good, come out with such unflattering clothes?

I was in Target yesterday.  Our store has recently been remodeled to add a food section.  In doing the remodeling their clothing section has gone through a change too.  Now Target never really had much of a Women’s Section, but now it is pretty much non-existent.  Their bras only go to 42DD (I did find one 42DDD).  Now Walmart has larger sizes, so I guess Target is leaving it to them.  But their fashion sense is worse than Lane Bryant and not made very well either.  I was talking to a sweet old guy the other day who spoke about the good old days when he would buy his Levi’s and Lee jeans at the jean store, and they would last forever.  These Walmart versions aren’t worth bothering with as they become better rags than they were ever something to wear.  Now I find I shop at places like Avenue or even Cato where the clothes don’t make me look and feel like an old lady.

I want to end this on a related note.  Yesterday I had my annual mammogram.  Never fun when you are big busted, but oh so much better than it was 20+ years ago.  So please, all you women out there, go and have your mammogram.  If not for you, but for the ones that love you.  And if you are in the Dayton Ohio area the annual CARE Walk is coming up on May 11, 2013.  Check out their website at , last year there were approx. 700 participating and raised $18,000 to fight Breast Cancer.  Let’s help them raise even more this year.

We just couldn’t wait

Well we did it.  We just couldn’t hold out any longer.  We were bound and determined that we could live without a pickup until after our son’s wedding.  We didn’t need to spend the money right now . . . yeah right!

Our garage has filled up with all the things that need to go over to the oldest’ garage to store.  We need to get wood and drywall to move forward on the construction.  Yes, we could borrow someone else’s truck.  But after a while it gets old.  Besides, the youngest has her drivers permit now!  What will she drive?

We have our wonderful car dealership here in Dayton, Reichard Buick.  Jeff has sold this family multiple cars, all good cars.  So when Hubby saw they were selling one of their parts trucks, well he just couldn’t let that one go.  He sent me the link and I asked if he had called Jeff.  He said no, but I could.  So I called him, so now it is all my fault!  In the end I made him share the blame.

2005 GMC Sierra

2005 GMC Sierra

On the road, Part II

On day two we headed to Philadelphia.  bus_0589We used a ‘Groupon’ for tickets on the Philadelphia Sightseeing Tours double decker bus.  Now as someone who is somewhat physically challenged (fibromyalgia sucks), we thought this would be a good way to reduce the walking a bit.  It was great, and we really enjoyed doing it even if it did get a bit cold towards the end. But we barely scratched the surface of all the things to see and do there.  philly_0419So for anyone going to see Philadelphia here is my suggestion.   Don’t think you can do it in a day.  Do the bus tour the first day and see everything from the bus.  Then on other days you can pick which things you really want to see.  We will go again, so we can spend a few hours in each attraction like the museums and the penitentiary, and take the time to walk around Chinatown.

hardrock_0423Another hint, get there early to get your tickets for Independence Hall to see the Liberty Bell.  They are free, but first come, first serve.  We were there just after 10am and they were all gone.

This trip we did have lunch at the Reading Terminal; yes a Philly Cheesesteak, YUMMY!  I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of it.  But I was so taken by everything that was going on around me.  It is a place you could sit for hours and just watch everything going by.  Let alone all there is to see there.  Our cousins were raving about a place to get gelato, and they were so right!

crazy_wall_0603After lunch we walked.  We saw some wonderful and strange things.  I took some quirky photographs to play with too.

city_tavern_0647We ended the day at the “City Tavern” for dinner.  We were still full from lunch, but just had to try something.

city_tavern_chop_0653So Hubby ordered the Pork Chop “Apple-Wood Smoked” (Salt cured & smoked, Pennsylvania Dutch style sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, Dijon mustard).

city_tavern_wiener_schnitzel_0656I had Wiener Schnitzel (Pan-fried breaded veal cutlet, pommes frites & vegetables).  I also had their apple cider which was really delicious.  Needless to say we took a lot home with us.


There was even live music by a harpist.  city_tavern_glasses_0663He was dressed in colonial garb, as well as all the rest of the staff.

One of the younger cousins gave us some music too!

The trip home was a blur as we were happily exhausted.

On the road

On the road . . . but now we are home.  We had a wonderful time visiting cousins in New Jersey for the youngest Spring Break.  We drove the trip in one day, but this trip I did something different.  Last month the oldest and wild child made the same trip to visit the same cousins.  The oldest had the camera, and took random pictures from the car along the way.  It was really neat to see their trip that way.  So not wanting the have pictures of the exact same scenery I decided to focus on old barns.  Well ‘focus’ is relative when you are flying by at 65mph.  But here is some of what you will see in the middle of the winter driving from Ohio to New Jersey.

barn_0297When looking at some of these old structures it really makes you think about life when they were built.  I have often thought about this when we moved from out west. barn_0328 There 150 years is old, here you are looking at twice that.  As a lover of antiques 150 years is a big difference.


We did have a few show flurries, but overall it was a nice drive out.



End of day one.

End of day one.