Catching Up

dumpster_bag_1525Today’s post will be short, but I wanted to update you on our progress.  This picture to me says a lot.  The Bagster Bag was picked up yesterday. All the trash and debris from the construction, the old carpet and padding, the terrible mini-blinds we just couldn’t get clean – all gone.  Now we are finishing up.  It has been a long road, but well worth it.  Don’t get me wrong, there is still a bit to do, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  We have worked hard, and it shows. I am very grateful to my family, and the village of wonderful people we have surrounded ourselves with.  We are very blessed <3

We are seeing results!

izzy_workin_1324_croppedYesterday was such a productive day.  My awesome family got up early and started hauling things to the curb.  We got one of those bags that the trash company with pick up, so we are going to fill it up with all the construction debris we have.

Then the wild child attacked the downstairs bathroom with the final demo.  She was bound and determined to knock it out before the day was done.demo_1330

Hubby worked on getting the TV mounted over the fire place and all the wiring done for it and the lights for above it.  He had planned on replacing the track lighting by putting cans in the ceiling, but I didn’t want him to have to climb back up into the attic again to do that.  It is just so hot up there.  So while we were at the store to get the cans I saw some really neat track lights and talked him into them instead.  I must admit, it wasn’t hard to talk him into 🙂


bathroom_demoed_1347In the afternoon some of the wild child’s friends came over and they made a real push on clearing out the demo on the bathroom.  Then they worked on the deck.  They could only get so far and then the battery died on the drill.  We decided that was enough, they had all been working so hard all day.  We had been cooking most of the day too.  So we put on a big spread for them.  Hubby smoked a pork picnic roast.  This was a first with this cut.  He wasn’t satisfied, but we didn’t care, it was yummy!


This afternoon when Hubby took lunch he and the wild child went out and did the last bit on the deck benches with a fully charged battery.  Hubby still has a few finishing touches to do, but they are basically done.  He does want to make backs for them at some point, but there is plenty of time for that later on.  Now I just need to get that power washer.


So now we rest, for a minute, or two.  Then my son showed up and the work started all over again!  How come Hubby gets out of it though?  It’s Monday, he has to work for a living!  Gotta love it!

Counting down the days

Well it has been two weeks since I posted, and what a two weeks it has been!  It started with a luncheon we put together for my future daughter-in-law.  When her bridal shower came up it was in an hour and a half away.  So my mother wasn’t going to be able to make the trip; just too much of a drive.  My sister-in-law works on Saturday’s, so couldn’t make it either.  My best friend was out of town, and my Mother-in-law’s brother was having surgery.  Because the Wild Child and the Youngest work at the same place, only one could be off work, so the Youngest was going.  Then to top it all off, I got sick!  So, my other sister-in-law drove and took her twins, the Oldest, and Youngest to the actual Bridal Shower.  We felt so bad that they were the only ones there representing this side of the family.  So we had a “Sorry We Missed It” luncheon.  We took her to Brio, a very nice upscale Italian restaurant, and had a lovely time.  Everyone was able to be there too!

Then I realized that the clock was ticking.  I have been working on a special project ever since Christmas Vacation.  A photo book of my son’s life, “the grow up years”, from the day he was born to now.  I want to have it done in time for his wedding which is only 4 weeks away now.  Actually, 3 weeks and 6 days!  The house is coming along, it really is!  Ok, back to the book first.  I have been going through photo albums and scanning, then through digital photos, even grabbing things off Facebook (I did ask first, well tell them I was).  But yesterday I finally did it; I pulled the trigger and clicked the button on it.  I did the book through  All the other ones I have done in the past I used  I really do like their process, and the end product.  But it is all done online, and the books are 20 some pages long.  I would collect the pictures in a folder, and take a day or two to format them into the book.  I knew this project would be way too big for that.  It is 58 pages with 908 photographs!  With I could download a template to use with InDesign.  So I could work at my own pace.  So, now it is in their hands, and I just wait . . .

bookcase_done_1319As for the house?  I am happy to report that the bookcase at the top of the stairs is officially done.  I will let it sit for a few more days to cure before putting things on it as it is so humid.  The paint is still a little tacky.  Hubby also replaced the awful ceiling fan with a beautiful chandelier for me.  So the entryway is starting to really come together now.

It has rained so much lately that getting the deck done has really been hard.  It needs power washing something terrible!  During the summer the youngest has a weekly open house.  This year it is on Fridays; any time after noon her friends can just drop by.  It is nice for them to be able to keep in touch over the summer months.  But the seating on the deck has become an issue, and with the wedding coming, and more people being here, we need more seating.

So, on the 4th even though Hubby was smoking and the family was coming over to celebrate, we had a plan.  Because the girls would be home we would get benches built.  Well the rain had a different plan.  But they did get this far.  I really have got to get over to my father-in-laws and get the power washer.deck_benches_1322

fireplace_painted_1316As for the fireplace, Hubby is hanging the TV today.  I painted it when they were trying to build the deck benches.  Then he will get the framing and mantle cut out ready for me to paint.  It is getting close.  With only 3 weeks and 6 days to go!