Capturing the vision

One of the things that didn’t get accomplished before the wedding was solving my camera problem. I wasn’t too concerned about it simply because of my position in the wedding (being the mother of the groom I couldn’t exactly walk around with a camera in my hand), and because my NJ cousin was going to be here. She is just like me when it comes to being the one with the camera at the events. Once I knew she was going to be here, I knew we would have lots of wonderful photos, and we did.

I have been having more and more issues with my trusty camera over the last couple of years. It is a Canon EOS Rebel XT, top of the line when hubby got it for me in Sept 2005. It has served me well, but as with most technology, it is time to move on. So this week my new camera body arrived. I stayed with the Canon EOS, a Rebel T3i, I love it! As soon as we ordered it I downloaded the manual so I would be familiar with it out of the box. I have been playing ever since. Yesterday I went out in the yard and had some fun. I realized that it has been a long time since I have done this. When your camera isn’t working right, you lose that desire to “play”, taking pictures becomes just that, taking pictures. Now I see things differently again, and can capture it. It is a very good feeling 🙂



Wonderful to see the bee!

Wonderful to see the bee!

We had one lonely little tomato growing, so I took some shots . . .tomato_0103_sm

. . . and then played a little. It was really a tiny little tomato.



Winding Down from the Wedding

We survived! Not only did we survive, but we had a pretty wonderful time as well. Let me begin by saying that I have an awesome husband. We all knew that we would never finish everything on the list, let’s be clear about that. But we made a valiant effort, and we have a pretty wonderful looking house as an end product. Still things to do, but we must be honest, we will always have things to do.

fireplace_finished_sm_1942First, the fireplace – we settled on painting it Sherwin Williams Roycroft Adobe. This color worked beautifully with the collectables and artifacts I have accumulated over the years. We realized the right side still needs a little more work but we are very happy with the end result. Ok, Hubby thinks the TV is too small; we have to get a bigger one. Is this a surprise? Not! But he did a beautiful job with the woodwork, and I love it.

Finding wall space for everything has been an issue. With my love of photography, genealogy, and all things old, it means I have many old pictures. I love to display old things, especially things that belonged to our ancestors. I wish all our rooms had 10 foot ceilings, not just my office.

deck_finished_sm_1559Then we have the deck. This was a combined effort finished off by my brother who was the first to arrive for the wedding. He attacked it with the power washer and gave it a good bath. Meanwhile the youngest spent the whole day working on the yard. That little girl worked her butt off! But by the end of the day both the house and the yard looked fantastic.

Now the bathroom I won’t post pictures of yet. It didn’t quite make the ‘finished’ phase. It was usable as far as the toilet and sink. But the shower just didn’t quite make it. The
plumbing in this house and the water softener, well we won’t go into that. But between hubby, wild child, and my most awesome father-in-law, we will have a very, very nice bathroom in the end.

The next day all the rest of the family arrived and we had a houseful of fun. Cousins from New Jersey and Canada, the best man from Colorado pulled up on his motorcycle just as we were leaving for the airport to pick up one of my oldest friends (and she’s the youngest godmother). The next day was the rehearsal and dinner, and Saturday the wedding. Sunday we celebrated the oldest turning 30 with an Open House! Yes, I am nuts! But it was wonderful to have so many people we love around us. Slowly they all left, and by the next Saturday everything was quiet. Even the wild child took off with a friend to follow one of the cousins to Canada for a week.

So here I sit. All the anticipation, everything that we had been planning for is now done. And yet . . . We begin again. Next year – October 2014 – the oldest is getting married – We have 15 months – It is starting all over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!