Looking for Venues

So yesterday I took the oldest and her fiancé to Cincinnati to look at some wedding venues. Yes, it has begun. We met up with the future son-in-law’s mother (he will now be known as future-S-in-L) as she had found some places to check out.

pinecroft_1258_smThe first place we went to was Pinecroft Manor. It was really neat, and if we had the budget for it we would have said yes in a heartbeat. It was not overpriced really. You could have a very beautiful wedding, with all the trimmings. You get the whole estate for the day. A butler will meet your guests at the door, with staff assisting all day. The menu was making us mom’s drool it looked so good. The home and grounds were just beautiful. So if you had a budget of oh, let’s say $15,000, you could have a dream wedding here, and they would take wonderful care of you. But unfortunately, that is a bit over their budget . . .  ok, a way more than a bit.  You see, they are not kids anymore. The
oldest just turned 30, and the future S-in-L is 34, so from the get-go we were
not to pay for the whole wedding. Hubby and I are paying for the venue, and we will
do the invitations. I am sure there will be other small things here and there,
but basically that is it. They are to carry the rest. But in this economy that
is hard. So we went on to option #2.

garden_house_1273_smI don’t remember the name of the place, but it was really “cool”, I mean all I could do was say “WOW!” It is being renovated, and so we couldn’t go in, and as it turns out will only be open for a few months over the summer next year. So it won’t work for the date (they want a fall wedding, early October 2014).  We did get to walk around the grounds, and see the wonderful work they are doing on the place.










The last place turned out to be a bust too, but I got some really neat pictures of fungi 😀 The grounds were also beautiful, but the building just wasn’t what the kids had in mind. So the search will continue, but we had a really fun day, and I got to learn about some of the history of Cincinnati.