2013 Christmas Newsletter

dec1912c_lgx I have been sending Christmas cards out ever since I was young. Even when I was only 10 I remember sending a card to my Nana and Papa. As we would travel around and meet new people I would stay in touch with them by writing letters, and sending the special Christmas cards each year. So, even now, as it seems to be less of the fashion, I am still. For a long time I would put together a newsletter; filling everyone in on the escapades of “The Gang!” But as they are growing up, and moving out, it just isn’t the same. Besides, with Facebook, email, and now blogging we stay more in touch with everyone, so people tend to know more of what is going on anyway.

This year I broke out a stack of old postcards from 1911-1914 that had belonged to my father-in-laws grandmother. I scanned them in, cleaned them up and went on the search for the right kind of cardstock. That wasn’t so easy. The last thing I wanted to do was print them on ‘bright white’. But eventually I was able to get them done and in the mail. It seems everyone is behind this year with Thanksgiving being later in the month.

On my postcard I simply said that the highpoints of the year were that the wild child graduated from college, and my son got married. Then I wrote that instead of writing a newsletter to read all about us I gave the address of this blog. So, Hi Everyone, and welcome to my Blog! If you would like to go back to the beginning look on the right for the “Archives”. You will see that I don’t use names on the blog, but you will figure out who everyone is pretty easily.

xmas_setup_2013_1963_smAs for this year’s pre-Christmas it has been much more relaxed than the last few years. We managed to get the tree out, and found the decorations! Yes, believe it or not in all the kafuffle of this year’s construction and escapades we found the decorations.

Starting when the youngest was born, every year I would get the kids a new ornament that would reflect something about them. I was able to give my son his to put on their first tree as husband and wife, pretty cool!

The wild child has been working on commissions. I am so proud of her. She has made jewelry, reproduced 40+ year-old Christmas stockings, and a number of other things for people. She is spreading her wings and finding her way with her art. That is pretty cool too.

The youngest finished her driver’s education classes yesterday, YIKES!

And as for the oldest, well we think we have found the venue for the wedding in October, at least we hope so. More news to come on that front.

Everyone have a wonderful and Merry Christmas!!!


Today Was a Snow Day


snow_day_number_2_1942_smSnow days, I think they are wonderful things. Some people don’t I’m sure. They can’t get to work, things can’t get done. For some I know it is a bad thing. Doctors and nurses, fire and rescue, police etc., but for the everyday person snow days are a wonderful thing. I think places like Los Angeles, especially the freeways, could really use a good snow day. Let me explain.

When you have a snow day you can’t go anywhere. The period that completes that sentence is not just a grammatical punctuation, it is also a fact. You cannot go anywhere, period. You are forced to stay put. You are forced to stay home, spending your day doing things of an unexpected nature. If you have kids, they too are home. What a concept! You actually have time to play with your kids. You can’t go to work; you can’t run errands, or anything else you were “scheduled” to do. If you don’t have kids, you could spend the time with your spouse or significant other. You could clean out that closet, sort through all those vacation photos, give the dogs a bath. The choices are endless!

I know I have said this before, but I have always thought of a snow day as a “gift of a day.” I always say, “Thank you Father for this day” whenever we get a snow day. These are the days we are forced to stop and take the time to enjoy what we have around us. Our family, our life, what we have, and who we are. Embrace your snow day, enjoy it, and most of all, stay warm.