The Aftermath

clear_table_2162xThe fog is clearing . . . I can actually see parts of my house I haven’t seen in months. Today, for the first time in ages, I actually was able to clear off my work table and clean it. I of course immediately started to pile things on it again, but with a purpose. Here are some of the things that get forgotten when you are the mother-of-the-bride, and your photographers, although wonderful, are not wedding photographers. We forgot to take some key pictures that go into the wedding book. Things like the table settings and centerpieces. I was totally upset about that one. The groom’s aunt made all the centerpieces, and it was one of the important things to photograph. Totally slipped off the radar for me, and let’s be honest. Our photographer, brought in last minute with much love, was not a wedding photographer, and a guy. So who would expect him to think of it. But worse, I even did it to myself. All the hours I spent working on the ‘theme’ décor. The only pictures I have are from a distance, and I took them after we set up, I was the one that forgot my own stuff! Geez, you just get so wrapped up in the emotion of the day you just lose all of that. But, at least I can recreate some of it. So that is my project now. I am working on still-life shots with things from the wedding day.

As far as other things I have learned, don’t expect your daughter to react the way you would think. I knew my oldest was easy going, and we shouldn’t have too many issues. The problem was she is too easy going. To the point she didn’t like to make decisions and things just kept getting put off. I really feel that a wedding planner is a wonderful thing. Not that you have to hire one, but you have to appoint one. Someone has to be in charge, and Mom nagging just doesn’t work. Finding a friend who isn’t involved in the wedding, someone who knows the family, but not necessarily friends with the bride or groom. Now we tried to set something up, but unfortunately it fell through because of health issues. But we didn’t pursue a replacement, and that was our mistake. Then my girls and I have always done thing together, but the youngest had joined Color Guard at school, the wild child started a new job and had to leave for a week training just two weeks before the wedding, and even the bride was offered a contract job the three weeks before the wedding. I lost my whole team! We then lost our videographer, photographer, and two of our three kitchen staff. BUT our Village won out, and people were there to come to the rescue.

The whole theme of the wedding reception was “Family History”. My love of genealogy was a driving force, but it gave us something to use as decoration that was keepable. We didn’t spend money on decorations to throw away. The idea was that family begins with a marriage; when two people join together bringing each side to make one family, one branch. I did a lot of work on the family trees before the wedding, that part was so enjoyable for me. It helped to balance out the stressors. So for me it was a terrific idea, and gave something special to many others as well. But, I was also able to add my Village as part of that family history. They were all there, in our trees. Because it does not have to be by blood, not even by marriage. Family is all by LOVE, and I am blessed with a very big one.

Going to the “Dark Side”

When we came home from taking the kids Aunt to Cincinnati to catch her plane back to Tucson there was a box on the table. Hubby had told our neighbor he was expecting a shipment with computer parts, and if they saw the box delivered would they get it.

It was just Hubby and I in the house as the girls were both out, and I am sitting at my desk. He tells me he might as well give it to me now, and hands me the box. Very puzzled I sit down and open it.


ipad_arrived_2108xNow you have to picture this, the white box inside is one of those with flaps you pull out to lift the lid, so I did. I looked inside, and immediately shut the box. I stared at it, then looked at him, then tipping my head sideways slowly lift the lid again.


ipad_arrived_2109xYup it was still there, an Apple logo. It was an iPad.

ipad_arrived_2113xNow you have to understand, most people are either PC or Mac. My husband has always been PC, and that means anti-Apple; I mean very much so. To the point that it is the family joke that anyone who uses an “i” anything “drank the Kool-aide”. The idea of ever asking for anything with an apple on it never crossed my mind. Now the youngest did get the nerve to ask for an iPhone the last time we upgraded phones. But her reasoning was logical, and well stated. So he told her if she paid for it, she could have it.

But for the wedding, one of his best friends, who we affectionately call his “work wife” from their days of working together days, came to visit. She, on the other hand, believes that Apples have their place. It was a lot of fun watching the two of them “Geek Out” over computers. But also to see him realized that maybe there is a place in the world for technology with an ‘i’.

He now says that I asked for one, and don’t remember the conversation. LOL, ok if it helps him sleep at night. But honestly I have too much respect for him to have ever asked, or really even consider one. But it is going to be a wonderful thing to have, especially as in just a few weeks I am off on another trip. This time to Arizona to visit my Big Cuz I have mentioned before. But also my old haunt of Tucson, visiting family and friends I haven’t seen in quite a while. So I will be able to bring a lot to share, and with my camera take a lot home with me after. I am looking forward to a wonderful trip. Thank you to a wonderful Hubby, I love you very much <3

We survived another wedding!!

After all the planning, all the running around, the craziness and confusion, it is over. The oldest is married to her dragon, and they are Man and Wife. Yippee, time to party! It was great, it was delightful, delicious, and De-Lovely! I say that as my newly married daughter told me that the two highpoints of her wedding receptions were her sister singing the song “De-Lovely”, and her Dad, and new Dad-in-Law walking up to the Bridal table both with their tux jacket and ties on, but had changed into Hawaiian shirts. It was wonderful!

The piles grew in the living room

The piles grew in the living room

So now I reflect on THE event. We catered and ‘did’ our daughter’s wedding, but never could have without the help of everyone else. One of the biggest things we can reflect back on is that whenever something fell through, something else was there to fill its place. Now that I am sorting through the piles of boxes and bags that came back from the reception hall, there was overkill. But, that means we planned very well. I say WE with much power behind it, because it was definitely a group effort. The biggest and best part being the blending of not just my daughter to her new family, but her families to each other. Both sides worked very hard together, we have become friends, and we see a wonderful future of great times ahead.

Setting up for the reception

Setting up for the reception

My father used to call his mother-in-law (my Nana) his “Mother-in-Love”. My oldest has found that kind of relationship with her new family, and even better so have I. From now on to be known as ‘Mil’, she is a gentle, kind and loving soul who I am very, very happy to call my good friend. Working together we were able to coordinate this wedding (behind the scenes) and then in the last two weeks Hubby stepped in and ran the final show to a wonderful conclusion.


So, now all that is left for me is to find homes for all these new dishes I have, and work on all the wonderful pictures I took. Then wait for all the rest of the wonderful pictures to come. Because there is going to be one fantastic photo book coming out of this wedding!!