Spring is in the Air

Wow, it has taken me a long time to get caught up. I can’t imagine what it will be like when the youngest and I get back after being away for a month this summer. I mean this trip was only 12 days, and a chunk of that was spent in the car. The youngest and I are going to Iceland, England, and whatever else we can fit in! It was a good test run for me though. The iPad is just not going to work for downloading the pictures. I’m glad we decided to take the netbook, then I can upload to our own server. Yes, I have issues with using the iCloud. I would much rather trust Hubby’s cloud than the ‘i’ one.

For those interested I have uploaded a gallery of New Orleans, click here.

Quite a few pictures there, but so much to see! Doing it all in 22 hours meant settling for some bad lighting at times. I really meant it when I said I want to go back and do it slowly. But that is for a later time. In a few weeks we head to W. Virginia for a weekend, and I’m itching to find something to do in May, maybe hop on a plane somewhere, or something in my own backyard. After all, spring is in the air. Out my window the tree is budding. I will keep checking the old nest the robins left from last year, in hopes they return.


Heading Home

3/16/15 – Driving down to Florida I felt the effects of pollen. We could see it in the air, on the cars, and at one point my father-in-law even noticed it on his shoes! That nasty drip that runs down the back of your throat and settles in your chest. Then you add the freezing temperatures we have had in Ohio, and the shock of 80+ degrees, in and out of air conditioning . . . I had a cold. Didn’t catch it from anyone. Did it all by myself. Coughing, dripping, sneezing, yuck!

3/18/15 – The last leg of the trip, just 3 hours away from home. What a lousy thing to get sick on vacation. I slept pretty much all day Sunday which was a great help. Monday morning, all refreshed, we set off to New Orleans. I have noticed that when it comes to anything to do with my camera my desire to ‘shoot’ far outweighs any physical issues.

New Orleans, Louisiana or as is referred to by locals NOLA, is an experience. I definitely want to go back some day as we only had a day there. Next time I will do it right, slowly. You have to be able to just sit and take it all in. Move slowly through the town, stop, sit, and absorb it all. It is a wonderful and unique place which everyone should experience some time in their life.

I had a wonderful time roaming around with my camera. I have so many pictures, it will take ages to go through all of them. But here are a few. I can’t express how much fun I had there 🙂

Florida 2015 Part II


Heading up north to JW’s. Unfortunately not north enough for us cold lovin’ folk. My god it is hot in Florida in March! But the folks love it, and that’s all that matters. Next year we will be coming earlier though; like January. Just in hopes it will stay in the 70’s.

I do understand that there are different personality types. In this case people who love this weather in difference to snow. Fortunately just as his folks are on the same page in loving the Florida heat, Hubby and I prefer the colder side.

But that being said, Florida does have its wonderful pluses. While there we wanted to visit the beach, walk on the sand, and hear the waves crashing. So we headed to Clearwater, stopping in Tarpon Springs for some fantastic Greek food, and shopping.

Well our idea of stopping by the beach was nowhere near what we experienced. It is Spring Break time in Florida. It is insane! Thousands of people on the road to the beach. Hotels packed, traffic, people, did I mention all the people? We drove around for quite a time just looking for a place to park, and finally found a 1/2 hour meter. We walked through the sea of people and blue umbrella shades, made it to the ocean, and walked into the beautifully cold water. The sun was low enough in the sky to make the ocean sparkle. It was beautiful!

I had my camera, but with the sun in my face and all the people, I pretty much guessed the camera settings and hoped for the best, and I will admit I did take some on automatic to be safe. It was actually a good feeling. I’m starting to feel secure enough again to be ok with my own choices for the camera, and letting the camera decide. Especially when the sun is so bright you couldn’t see the LED screen on the camera if your life depended on it. But then again, back in the day we didn’t have a screen to look at. So it took me back a bit too.

We headed back to the car with minutes to spare on the meter. I took a few more pictures of the pier, hotels, people – it was quite an experience. I am so glad we went, but I’m sorry, I just don’t understand the appeal. Crowds of people, bumper-to-bumper traffic, money running through your fingers like water. I’d much rather be on a quiet chilly beach up north, walking hand-one-hand with my Hubby. I’m sure there are those that think that doesn’t sound like fun at all. But to each their own, right 🙂

Florida trip March 2015

March 8 –
This was not a usual trip for us. Hubby is a pre-planner. Things are well organized and ready days beforehand. Not this time. When the wild child had to go to a training for work, it changed things a little. We would have to wait to leave so we could drop the youngest off at her work on our way out of town. At 9:51 am I realize she is going to be late. For the first time I can ever remember she and I were waiting in the car for her Dad. I’m usually the one running around the house checking to see what we have forgotten. Not this time.

When Hubby got in the car he looked at the last time the oil was changed. He ran back in the house for a coupon. After dropping off the youngest we headed to have the oil changed. Then gas, and on our way . . . 11am!

We don’t know where we are stopping for the night, weird. Hubby always has this set; hotel booked, not this time. So we set off, and drove on. We had a quick lunch at Fazoli’s. Then we stopped for gas. Now after that was cool!

day1_4347xBehind the gas station was an old fireworks stand. It had fair equipment all around it, Ferris-wheel’s, rockets, clowns, and more. Unfortunately it was chained up, but we drove around to it, and I took pictures of what I could. Then back on the road.

We drove on to Jackson, Georgia stopping at Wendy’s for a quick dinner in the car, and then pulled off in Forsyth at the Holiday Inn Express just before 10pm. It was a very nice room, great bed, wonderful complimentary breakfast (even sausage gravy and biscuits with scrambled eggs), and easy checkout. Last night I also hooked up to the free wi-fi and messaged with the youngest on my iPad. Great first day of vacation.