It came with the polish

I did some playing today with still-life. I love having a glass table to work with. But let me tell you what inspired this. I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply yesterday to pick up a few things. Being a hairdresser in a previous life (ok, from age 18-22) I still prefer to shop there for supplies. They had a special; buy two fingernail polishes and get a “Wallet Wristlet” for free. I didn’t realize this sale was going on until I went to the register and she added it to my bag. But when I got it home and looked at it a question came to mind. What on earth can I use this for? I asked the youngest, she examined it, and felt the same way. It has credit card slots on one side side, and a slip-in pocket in the middle which I assume you could put a checkbook in. But who takes checkbooks with them anymore? These days you use checks for those few things like paying for the great-grandparents marriage certificate I ordered. The third panel has no pocket at all, and when you snap it shut it is really flat. So, I Googled it to discover it is actually a pocket for your phone. They do fit, but the florescent pink is just not a color we get into. But I have a few ideas of who might enjoy it 🙂


CARE Walk 2015

carewalk_2015_0051xAs I have been so busy lately I totally forgot to write about the CARE Walk that was on May 9th. We have been great supporters of CARE Walk for a number of years, and this year was no exception. In fact not only did I provide some artwork (as in a framed copy of my “Sunflower Cowboy”) for the Silent Auction, but I had the carewalk_2015_0049xopportunity to photograph the event for them this year. Also, the wild child was going to man the Red Cross information table, but had to attend a training. So the oldest covered for her, and we had a great day together.

When we got there (7:30am) it was a bit grey, and soon started to rain. But everyone pushed on and got things set up. Plenty of goodies, coffee, and water.




The director of the event is a good friend of mine. We have worked on a number of Breast Cancer Awareness events in the past when we were on the Breast Cancer Task Force together. She is a wonderful dedicated person, and works so very hard. She asked me if I could take carewalk_2015_0232xsome pictures up above the Start Line. Maybe stand on a car??? Well that didn’t work too well, but I found a better place. The event was on the street between the high school and their field. So I climbed up the bleachers to the top and got wonderful shots of the crowd.



The hard part for me was after the Start. With the camera gear, I had to cut across the route so I could catch some of them on the street, and then again at the Finish line! But it was well worth it, and turned out to be a wonderful day.



The Last One

Izzy_last_day_0948xThe picture is the youngest’s last day being picked up for school. They made their weekly stop at Tim Horton’s for breakfast, and headed to school for the last time.

Now she has had her last day of school, and today was the graduation rehearsal. Saturday she graduates. For many years she has ridden to school with two of her long-time friends. One’s mother goes right by the school on her way to work, so drops them off. For a couple of years the school took the buses away (wanting the get the Levy to pass for the school district). So I would pick the three of them up every day. It was a sad day when they got the buses back. But even so I still picked them up about once a week, just to check in with them all. Now that will end too.

Life is going to change around here. We have no more little ones. Our baby is now going to start college, and is growing up. She is a beautiful girl, inside and out, and I couldn’t be prouder of her. I can now look back and ponder on my little ones. The things I did right, the things I did wrong. But seeing what they have grown up to be, I guess I didn’t do half bad. My biggest hope is that we can learn from how they grew up, so they can raise wonderful children of their own. Or should I say ‘we’. After all, we are a village 🙂

My New Toys!

It has been a fantastic busy few weeks. My Hubby, who I will brag on constantly, is the most wonderful person ever! He decided to give me my Mother’s Day gift a little early, a Canon 6D.

Photo taken by the youngest

Photo taken by the youngest

Now those of you who know cameras will appreciate the excitement of moving up to a full frame camera. When I decided to get back into photography it was a step I wanted to take cautiously. It can cost a lot of money, and I wanted to be sure it was something I really still had a passion for, let alone ability. I have a little issue with my left thumb, it pops, so I was concerned about the weight. So I started with the Canon T3i. What a wonderful camera it has been. It is a crop frame, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The sensor crops the edges of what you see in the viewfinder, but actually gives you more focal length. But for me, I needed the ability to take better pictures without having to pull out the flash. That means upgrading. I have a few nice lenses, but I can tell that I will want to upgrade because I can now see the difference a better quality lens makes in the end product.

I also had to upgrade to Adobe Lightroom. I didn’t realize that the raw photos coming off the 6D could not be processed in Camera Raw CS5. Don’t get me wrong, I was never against Lightroom. I do have an issue about the cost of everything now they have moved to the ‘Cloud’. But, I have been saving up for a Wacom tablet, and there was a special on Lightroom 6 if you bought them together, so I jumped on it. The reason I got into all this is that over the last two weeks I have been learning all about the Canon 6D, Lightroom, and how to use a Wacom tablet!!! All this while working to finalize my #1 clients 11 page brochure for the conference this summer in New Orleans (which is why I went there to take pictures for it). The brochure went live on Monday, and I am pretty darn proud of it 🙂 But I am still working on research for a book on the Founders of New Thought that goes to be published before the youngest and I leave on our trip . . . I’m feeling a bit tired just writing this!

Both the wild child and I are cursed with being multi-talented. I’m not patting my own back here, it is true that we both enjoy the capability of being able to do many different things. The curse is that you get pulled from one to the other constantly, and it makes it hard for you to become really good at any. Being an ‘expert’ at something takes time and practice. But when you have so many different interests, and things you enjoy doing, it makes it hard to really get there. But that doesn’t stop me from trying!

So the plan is to learn as much about my new toys before we leave on our trip. You will be seeing many wonderful updates and picture on here. The youngest will now have the T3i to use, and we will be traveling to Iceland first, and then on to England. Our goal is to take the pictures to really share the experience with everyone. I hope you will enjoy it <3