Back to the real world

The best laid plans . . . I had really planned on regularly updating my blog during our trip, and obviously that didn’t happen. We were doing so much! When I did have downtime it was spent with people, or resting up for what was to come. But I am home now, and my head is clearing. I have thousands of photographs to go through, and with each one the adventure will start all over again.

Photograph taken by IH

Photograph taken by IH

How do I begin to share this last month of my life? Well let’s begin with my youngest child. This photograph is of a stuffed polar bear that I used as my focal point when I was in labor with her. We chose this to take with us and photograph in different places. We slacked a bit towards the end, but he is found in a number of places. My youngest child is a person I am very proud to say I know, let alone be the parent of. She was everything one could want in a traveling companion. 10 days into our trip I rolled my ankle and tore a ligament. But I will give more details on that later. For now I will say that she was the absolute best in taking care of me, and with her help we were able to continue our adventures with gusto.

I am jumping back into life with a lot of new things coming up. But in-between I will keep working on documenting the adventure of a lifetime with my baby girl.

Our Roots


We have just spent a lovely weekend with cousins in Surrey. Actually from multiple branches as my mother’s first cousin from her mother’s side, and her husband, met up with us for a day first. Then the weekend was spent with the daughter of my mother’s first cousin on her father’s side, and her family. One of the unusual parts of this for me is how close the connection is.

I am known for having cousins all over the place, and I do. But very few are first, or second cousins. More like 6th 🙂 But to me it has never mattered. The connection is there first, the friendship comes later. Sometimes it doesn’t, and that is ok. But other times it gives you the opportunity to have people in your life you never would have. The cousin who offered her house to us as a base here is one such cousin.

Tomorrow we head down to Brighton, where my mother was born. We will meet up with another distant cousin there, and a much closer one too. But next week we end our trip with one of my few first cousins for a day in Windsor. This is my father’s side, and where he was born. So I really think this trip has given the youngest exactly what the goal was, a glimpse at her roots.