Big Crazy Family Adventure

While working on some quilling projects I discovered a show on the Travel Channel called Big Crazy Family Adventure. What an experience it was for them, but also for me to watch! A family of four, Bruce & Christine, and their two young boys Bodi (age 7), and Taj (turned 4 on the trip) traveled from Canada to Tibet without using one airplane, 13,000 miles. Over 3 months they travel to Ladakh, India, by way of South Korea, China, Nepal, and through India using boats, cars, trains, and any other form of transportation they could find.

As I watched the show I was so envious. To be able to do what they did, see what they saw, and experience the magnificence of their adventure – how amazing! What they gave their children was even more extraordinary. Bodi is on the Autistic Spectrum, and watching him transform and open up was such a wonderful part of the experience of watching the show.

Sydney Harbor, 1971

Sydney Harbor, 1971 – taken from the S.S. Orsova traveling back to the United States

One thing it did was take me back to my own childhood experiences. I too was so lucky to have had the adventures I did. Living in different countries, and traveling though places like Australia, Hong Kong and Japan. Obviously by taking the youngest to Iceland and England, I am still on the adventure. I have the bucket list, much to Hubby’s frustration. There are a lot of different places to go, and things to see in this world. I will enjoy doing as many as I can, and continue to share with my children (and grandchildren) just as my parents did for me. Don’t just sit on the couch, experience it!!!

Hong Kong Harbor, 1971

Hong Kong Harbor, 1971

Odawara-Ja, Japan

Odawara-Ja, Japan, 1971

Without the Viewfinder

Last Saturday I was sitting in an auditorium I have sat in many times before over the years, I am in the front row (where I rarely sit) with the row full of teenage kids, better yet jazz geeks. We are watching a performance by Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band at the 16th Annual Weekend of Jazz. Next to me is my youngest, and next to her is her boyfriend, a phenomenal sax player in his own right.

Usually when we go to jazz events I have my camera and spend the whole time getting that perfect shots. But this time I decided to take in the whole event without it being solely through the viewfinder. The weekend actually started on Thursday night; Family Night. When we get to go and watch the Beavercreek High School kids perform and be critiqued by a guest expert. The youngest and I go to the events together to watch her boyfriend play. I realized something that night, he has moved from a student playing an instrument to using his instrument as his voice.

Saturday night, as I sat watching this wonderful jazz band, I caught the kids out of the corner of my eye. I then turned and watched them. This row of kids, so totally enthralled with what they were watching. All jazz geeks, all in their element, all totally appreciating what was in front of them. This was one time I was so glad I didn’t take my camera, as I would have missed it.

There are times when just being a mom is such a wonderful thing. Last night was one of those times. I have seen these kids grow and blossom, and I couldn’t be prouder.