Bucket List?

I have noticed on Facebook that there is a “Bucket List” going around. It is one of those copy/paste things that people will do and ask others to follow-suit; get to know your friends better etc. Most of the time these things make sense. But this is titled “Bucket List”. Webster’s definition is “a list of things that one has not done before but wants to do before dying.” Now depending where it came from, some have different things listed. Things like:

  • Watched someone give birth
  • Visited Europe
  • Flown in a helicopter
  • Swam in the ocean
  • Jump out of a plane

These are all the sort of thing that I could see someone wanting to do before they die. But I am a tad confused by some of the other things on this list:

  • Got Fired
  • Watched someone die
  • Cried yourself to sleep
  • Done something that you will regret for the rest of your life
  • Been in a car accident
  • Been divorced

Hummm, makes you wonder what kind of dreams and aspirations some people have . . .

Then I saw a video by Prince Ea titled “Everybody Dies, But Not Everybody Lives”. Very well done, and brings the thought back around to your Bucket List. All I can say is make one. But not just write things down, check them off. Do them. Experience them. Live them.

Iceland Glacier - taken by my youngest

Iceland Glacier – taken by my youngest

Don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you experiencing your dreams. I dreamed of going to Iceland for many, many years. Then the opportunity came. At first it fleeted through my mind and I moved on, but then it came back. Oh the fear of the unknown was there. Usually when I travel there is family or friends where I go. This was a total unknown, and I was taking my daughter. I bit the bullet, I faced my fears, we went. It was the most wonderful experience, and I don’t regret it one iota. Not only that, I now want to go back, explore more, and share the experience with everyone again.

I understand my father so much more now. Why we continually move around every few years. He was driven by his need to experience life. I see that, I can now hold it in my heart and realize how very important it is. As human beings we should never stick our heads in the sand. We need to Explore, Experience, and Live.

San Marcos Resort, Chandler Az

I recently flew to Arizona on assignment. One of my clients asked me to photograph the venue their organization will be holding its annual conference later this year. Phoenix, Arizona in March = 93⁰ = hot!

I flew into Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport and took the shuttle to the resort not far away in Chandler. I was met by their rep, Lynn, a very nice and funny lady. She gave me a tour of the resort, and a little bit of a history. They don’t really focus on the history; not like they do in places like the Greenbrier in WV.

Chandler was founded by Dr. Alexander John Chandler, a veterinarian, in 1891. He bought 80 acres from the government which grew to an 18,000-acre ranch. In 1912, the same year Arizona became a state, the new Arizona Eastern Railroad brought people looking to buy land, and the town of Chandler was born. The Hotel San Marcos opened in 1913 which welcomed many guests of wealth to the luxury and sunshine. You can read a brief history here.

Those who know me understand how much history means to me. Everything from preserving an old photograph, searching a family tree, and finding that illusive connection. When we went to the Greenbrier I was so thrilled at their success in preserving not only the history, but the traditions as well. The San Marcos is a beautiful place, with luxurious amenities. It has been renovated and updated, but the history is still there if you look for it. Just off the lobby is the entry to the restaurant, and the floors just shine. In the hallway there is a display of historical photographs. The grand staircase with the old grandfather clock, and portrait of Dr. Chandler himself. There is also Dr. Chandler’s 1925 Dodge coupe parked just inside the lobby doorway. This beautiful resort has the first grass golf course ever built in Arizona. Many of the Hollywood elite would vacation there, Clark Gable, Errol Flynn, Fred Astaire, and Joan Crawford to name a few. I heard rumor that Frank Sinatra sang there as well.

The San Marcos is a beautiful place, and someday I would love to stay there. The attendees to the conference will find a place to really enjoy their visit. But remembering that I spent some years living in Arizona, there are also many places in the state they should try to see. Not just the Grand Canyon, but Sedona to the north, and Tucson to the south, and much more. All have beautiful and interesting things to see that those from the eastern states will find an experience they will never forget.