New Arrivals

altered_footWow, it has been a busy summer so far! Hopefully things will slow down a little now that our first grandchild has arrived. Yes! Our little grandson arrived on his due date, and on Hubby’s birthday.

All the waiting and work has paid off in spades. But I am sure many grandparents feel the same way. Several of my friends have welcomed me to the Grandparent’s club, and told me it is the very best club.

I have teased my kids for a number of years about how I must have done something right for them to all be so responsible. My son, a new father at 30 years old, has his Master’s Degree, a career in the field, married, and owns his first home. All before having a child. But geez, do they have to keep me waiting so long! LOL

Truthfully I am proud of them all. But now comes the question, what do my grandchildren call me? I am not against “Grandma”, but my daughter-in-law’s mother is already referred to as that. I have too often seen little kids getting confused about which grandparent is being referred to. So it is a personal choice to me to have a different name. I really only had one grandparent as the others died when I was very young, or not in the same country. My Nana was very special to me, and the most wonderful person I ever knew. It would take a lot for me to feel worthy of that title. The youngest and wild child suggested “Nan”, an English version. I tried it on for a short while, but it doesn’t seem to fit. For my kids it was a little different. Their paternal grandparents were Grandma and Grandpa. My mother felt too young to have that kind of title, so opted for Mama (her name). My father was Grandie, and my step-mother was also Mama (her name). I even chose to call her Mum over Mom as my mother-in-law was Mom. So at this point I think am going to wait it out for a while, and see what comes up 🙂

*UPDATE: A number of people were telling me to go with Nana. But what locked it in for me was when my mother told me to. I explained how I felt, but she said I was well on my way to being worthy of that title. Great praise coming from the daughter of my very special Nana. So, Nana it is 🙂