Who Am I?


My Nana

Something wonderful occurred to me yesterday, and I just had to write about it. I was watching a show called “The Generation Project”. This show is a different twist on genealogy. The guest each episode is searching for something in their life, and hope to find it by connecting with their ancestors. It is more about finding the story behind their ancestors, not just the names, dates, and locations.

The episode I was watching was about a young woman from Spain, living in New York, working as a Journalist, and married. It was time to start thinking about having a family, and she was afraid of not being able to do it by herself. She explored her ancestors and discovered they were very strong women, but did all they did by having a network, as in family, friends, neighbors. She came back knowing it wasn’t her alone. Her husband was a big part, and all the people in their life. This is very much how our life has been too, our Village. But this wasn’t what occurred to me.

I love genealogy. I can spend many, many hours researching. When I was working on my mother-in-law’s tree I wanted to give it to her for her birthday. I found myself waking up at 6am thinking I would get up instead of getting 2 more hours of sleep. Think of what I could find in those 2 hours! I became totally obsessed; to the point that Hubby asked me if I wanted to get my genealogist certification. I looked into it, and I really would love to, but it would take a lot of hours to complete. I moved on . . .

kids_oh_1995_walkingI love photography. I got my first 35mm camera when I was 21, went to school, learned from a mentor, worked at it commercially, and then independently. But mostly captured my life, and the lives of the people I love. My equipment was destroyed in a fire in 1997. I moved on . . .

I worked in a job where we were helping people, making a difference in the community. I got so much out of what we did, and the people we helped. But it was a stressful job, and I had to move on . . .


Circa 1960’s jacket made by my mother

I have been a ‘crafter’ all my life. If I didn’t have it I would figure out how to make it on my own. My mother was a wonderful seamstress, and when I was in school sewing was still taught, so I learned to sew very young. I love to be able to make something to fit the need when it can’t be found anywhere. I love to create, and now I actually have a craft room, and spend quite a bit of time in it.

So, what is the point of all of this? It answered a big question for me. The reason I couldn’t spend the time to get the certification as a genealogist, why I don’t have a full-time photography business, why I left my job, and all the other things I have thought to do with my life. It was because I can’t give up one for the other. I always had the feeling of being a “Jack of all trades, master of none”. But I realize that isn’t totally true. You don’t need to be a ‘master’ to be good at something. The other day I was doing a photo-shoot with the youngest and one of the people there made the comment that she was learning from the master. She was talking about me!

Yesterday also brought something to me; being here for my kids. Monday my son called needing help. Tuesday the wild child called, but the youngest was here to take care of her. Wednesday the oldest needed me, and today I get to babysit my grandson as his mom has to work late. They are the priority, and all the things I can do are available to them. Most recently, many hours went to making things for my new grandson. I finally finished a custom lampshade for my son, and now I am working on curtains for the wild child. I am a very busy person, but I have a wonderful full life. I cannot give up one for the other, because all the things I can do make me who I am.