A Special Cookbook

bacon0613_1054As we are in the holiday season I have again run into an issue I want to resolve. It happened this Thanksgiving, and I know I am not alone. 
We all have loved ones with food issues; allergies, sensitivities, or voluntary exclusions. As a hostess I strive to have everyone enjoy their meal, but if you try to do a search you so often get recipes calling for things that just aren’t in an everyday pantry. So I am in the process of collecting recipes which will resolve that. Just everyday recipes that don’t include dairy, gluten, are low sugar, or even yeast free. Also hints and suggestions that will help. For instance my oldest is yeast sensitive. So if we are having something needing bread (like Hubby’s smoked meat sliders) I make sure to have tortillas on hand for her to use.
The recipe here for Snappy Molasses Cookies is one I absolutely love. Yes, it was found on a dairy free site, but all the ingredients are easy. I love coconut oil, especially to brown chicken in. So I have it on hand, but you can just as easily use vegetable oil. I have diabetics in my life, so I also have coconut sugar and will substitute the white and brown sugars (But I do roll them in regular sugar).
What I am looking for are regular recipes that don’t contain the offending ingredients.They simply don’t include milk products, gluten, or too much sweet. But more importantly they don’t contain things that aren’t found in a regular pantry like cashew butter or almond flour.
So, the next time you see a recipe with regular pantry ingredients, please put a link in the comments for me. At some point I will post the collection on the blog to download.