Conversations in the New Year

As we approach the end of another year I have been sad to see people thinking 2016 was just such a horrible year. I am in no way suggesting that there weren’t bad things that happened. We have had more exceptional people pass away this year, but we do every year. Wars are fought, animals go extinct, global warming continues, and I won’t even touch politics. There is always going to be something. So, I decided to refocus and make a list of good things. What I found was that almost all the good was on a personal level.

  1. The birth of my grandson
  2. Hubby’s father getting healthy again
  3. Being able to travel and spend time with the important people in my life

Then I saw a video Simon Sinek on Millennials (a person reaching young adulthood around the year 2000). He is right on point on so many levels. I have mentioned our “Village” in the past. We basically have adopted the friends of our children and they become one of our ‘kids’. They are mostly adults now, and millennials. Most of them are struggling with one or more of the things Simon talks about. To this day they will still stop by or reach out, just to talk. Just yesterday one of the kids came to me with questions about how to have a good marriage. When do you know he is the right guy? How long should you wait to get married? How do you have a good marriage? I sat down and shared with her, we talked. The biggest thing to me was that she put down her cellphone, just as Simon brought up. Having a conversation without any outside distractions.

Simon talked about people going into a meeting where everyone is on their phones. That took me back to a meeting I was in not long ago. I was so impressed with this young man sitting next to me. By young I mean about 30, a businessman, in a suit and tie, successful. The biggest reason I was impressed? As we waited for people to arrive he opened a conversation, asked me questions, and listened totally to what I was saying. No cellphone to be seen. Wow, that really made me think.

My goal for 2017 – more conversations, preferably over a good cup of tea 🙂


Expanding My Horizons

Last year the oldest, wild child, and I went to West Virginia for our cousin’s graduation. On the way back we had to stop at a yarn store the wild child had discovered. Now, keep in mind that at that time the only real knitting I had ever done was the basic knit/purl my Nana taught me as a child. I had always said I would leave the knitting to her as she was so wonderful at it. So it was the one craft I chose not to really work at. But my daughters have all worked at a craft store, the same one, so they all either knit or crochet.

_mg_9912_xWhile walking around the store in West Virginia I saw a blanket called “The Great American Afghan”. I became very interested in it because it was like a quilt, 12×12 knitted squares. Each square was different, made with different techniques. I showed it to the wild child and her comment was, “if you do that you will know just about every stitch there is!” What a great idea!

_mg_9913_xNow in the book they have a list of the easiest squares, and the more challenging. I started with #14, it was a great one to start with. The wild child walked me through reading the pattern, and off I went.

The next one was #20, not on either list, but even though I didn’t get it quite right, it was fairly easy.


I then did #13, with the trees on it. That one was fun, so I made a pillow out of it for a Christmas present. Next I decided to do the one on the top of the easy list #3. OMG!!! This square was the square from hell. How could you possibly call it easy? I must have restarted it 20 times. I would constantly get lost, and just pulled the stitches out. By the time I was done I felt like a real pro, but what a challenge.


Please note none of these have been blocked.

I am happy to say I am back at it with #25 (bottom right corner of the book cover). It is so much easier than #3, and should be on the easy list instead.

In the end this is turning out to be a wonderful experience. All three of my girls have helped me at one time or another. There is something very gratifying about your children teaching you something they have a passion for. It is something I would definitely recommend <3