Getting Back to Normal???

I have been back in the craft room again! I sure do love being in there. I lose track of time so easily, and it is work and relaxation at the same time. Actually, relaxation most of the time. The only time it is work is when I am doing something big, or new.

_MG_0368_xMy latest project was little (for my 6 month old grandson), but I was working with fleece. Believe it or not I have worked very little with fleece. I have made blankets, and I did make a pair of pajama bottoms once. But I ran across a problem I had never had before.  When using a multi-size pattern, I would use chalk paper and a tracing wheel to transfer the pattern lines. You can’t do that on fleece; it is too fluffy! So I hit YouTube and learned all sorts of techniques.  When you have been doing something old school for years, and it works, why look for something different? Well I will certainly use the same technique on most things, but I learned a number of new things.

old_serger_2677_medThis brings me to new things in general. Hubby bought me a new Serger for Christmas. If you look back at my post Feb. 9, 2014 you will see what I have been working with. In no way do I mean the one I have is bad, it isn’t. But it is old. For those of you who understand it is like working with one of the first electric sewing machines, very limited. But it does get the job done, and I will still use it. The theory being it will stay with white thread in it. The new one will be used for changing colors. You see the biggest reason people don’t use a Serger more is because changing out thread is such a pain, and then having to get the tension right again, yuck.

Now I am ready to start learning a new machine. I made a deal with myself that I would finished the drop-cloth curtains for the wild child, and the bear bunting, before I played.  As we all know; getting a new Serger is getting a new toy, and now we play 🙂


Our Furry Family

We have a new family member. Yes, we have adopted another dog. His name is Archer, and such a doll. Now to give a little background – we love dogs, and have always believed in pet rescue in one form or another. The last two animals that have been adopted into our family have come from similar situations. They were initially adopted by a single person. Since then they married, and began having children, and the dog just wasn’t happy in such a rambunctious environment. They were very loved, and both families had to go through a lot of soul searching to get to the point of letting go. The wild child has the first one, and now we have done the same.


Molly on her first day with us

It all began with Molly in 2008. When Hubby started working from home we had a house-full of kids, but they were gone all day at school, and I was working outside the home then. Which was why we didn’t think it was fair to have a pet that we didn’t have time to give them. The wild child did not think her Dad should be alone, so she found 4-year-old Molly through a rescue website. Well she fit into the family right away. She became Hubby’s dog, and would sit with him all day keeping him company. Just perfect!


Two-year-old Tally



By 2010 the wild child still wanted her own dog; in came Tally. She was a puppy mill rescue, and just the silliest dog ever. Unfortunately, because she was breed so young she has very brittle and skinny legs, and she had to have surgery on both. But she took it like a trooper, and constantly keeps us in stitches with her antics.

June 2006, a stoned puppy after surgery

June 2006, a stoned Tally after surgery


Mia moves in with us for a few months before the wild child moved out.

Then we fast forward to 2016, and the wild child is moving out soon. Mia enters our world. What a love, such excitement in just being with you. But they all moved out, the wild child, Tally and Mia. Molly was all alone, without the rest of her pack. Keep in mind she is now 12 years old, and her eyesight isn’t so good. We realized that her fear of going outside to do her business was more because of not having the little white fur-ball to follow, known as Tally. So, the search began for a new ‘guide dog’ for Molly.


Our newest addition, Archer

The wild child set to work and found Archer, just perfect. Do you notice a trend here? Yes, three dogs wearing the same fur-suit! Now my next goal is to get a photograph of the three of them in a row, LOL. Of course Tally will be there too <3

Happy New Year, 2017!!

We rang in the new year starting a new tradition.  We have been Diablo players around here for quite a long time. We also do not care for being out on the roads on New Year’s Eve. So, this year we connected with the 4 of us, Hubby, me, the wild child (from her house) and youngest. We played just until midnight, then called the wild child and counted down to the new year together. The next day Hubby announced that we were going to make this an annual thing and invited all the family to join in.

Yesterday I did something that really excited me. It is said that those who give will receive so much more. I certainly felt that way. We had our Christmas with the family we didn’t see on Christmas day. I had this idea to present each family member with an old family photo and brief history of the person in it. Because I have also done my daughter & son-in-law’s genealogy, I could even include them. I had everyone open them all together, and then go around the table explaining who each person was and a little about them. It was just so wonderful.


One of my greatest joys is that I have been entrusted with archiving so much of my family’s history. I will admit I have so much that even I haven’t been able to get through it all, and who knows when I actually will. I have boxes and boxes of wonderful discoveries. I get so excited when I think about what there is to find. I dug through an old trunk of my mother’s and found an old scrapbook from when she and my dad were on the stage. My mother-in-law had boxes packed up with many old pictures and scrapbooks. I spent hours going through them. I was so excited to find an old scrapbook of her mother’s that she actually wrote the names of people on the back. What a treasure. Also one my father-in-law’s mother did that answered some questions I had. The latest is a box of photos my cousin gave me that we are trying to identify people in. All these have to be scanned in and cataloged. Such a project, but that is my New Year’s resolution. To set up a scanning schedule, and stick to it. A little daunting, but obtainable 😛