Getting into the New Year

Yes, I have been a busy bee lately and haven’t done a blog entry. I have been working, which is always fun, and traveling. I took a short week trip to Arizona the end of January with the wild child.  We flew into Phoenix, rented a car, and drove down to Tucson. We spent a wonderful 4 days with everyone there. Then I drove her back up to the airport so she could fly back. I met an old friend for breakfast, and then drove up north to visit my cousins for a couple of days, drove back down to Phoenix and flew home.

Now, overall the trip was wonderful. I had allergies, and the wild child had a cold. That kinda sucked, no . . . really sucked. The rental car we had was very nice, but geez they are expensive. When you pull up the site and it says $163 for a week, don’t believe it. The additional charges will almost double the cost.

But, I fly to Arizona for the people. I have many people there that are very important to me. So, I try to get out there at least once a year, hopefully more. We are all getting older, and I am so grateful to be in the position that I can see them. I am very fortunate that I have no regrets with the important people in my life. A very good feeling.

The visit was way too short, and I came back to a busy life at home. But now things are slowing down a little; a more normal pace. A couple of days ago, I took a camera day with my good friend. She is an architectural photographer; she loves lines and angles. This isn’t what I usually photograph, but it was such fun. We went to Cincinnati, to The Contemporary Arts Center. The attraction was to the actual building designed by architect Dame Zaha Mohammad Hadid, who recently passed away. It is very contemporary, lots of lines and angles. The fun part was looking beyond the actual structure to find something totally different.

I did a version of this one cropped in tighter. It is neat, but you can’t tell what it is. To some that is wonderful art, to others it is off-putting. So I chose to put this one up. Cement stairs going to the lower levels of the building.

For those that are put off by not knowing with this is . . . I am on the upper level shooting down at the stairs.

Today is our weekly teatime. It has become a regular thing now with the oldest and youngest every Friday afternoon. Others join us when they can, and today will be no exception.