Having None of It!

Last night I found myself sitting on the couch in the living room surveying the room. Next to me was the wild child, cuddling with the dog Molly. Hubby was sitting at the head of the dinner table, to the left the oldest, next her husband, then our son, the youngest, and next to her an old high school friend of the oldest. Our son stopped by on his way home from work as he too had been friends. Unfortunately, our grandson had a cold, so he and his mom were not with us.

I sat watching all these people who I love. Part of me wanted to get up and find the camera. But I knew if I did all would change. There are moments that you just cannot capture. Moving from face to face, the memories of these people that are so important to me. Watching them interact with each other. Looking at her old friend, and thinking back to the oldest in high school. Going back 15+ years, and then realizing it has been 15+ years. My kids are not kids anymore. The youngest turns 21 this summer. They all have lives, goals, dreams, and I am proud of them all.

My mother has had some health challenges over the last month. She is recovering well. But at 91 years old I am finding this time the recovery is very different than the times before. So many medical staff assume that because of her age she is in Dementia or mindless. They couldn’t be more wrong. She is sharp, and totally in control of her own life. But there is always one, and in this case the head of PT. It is interesting to me how one negative person can cause such a ripple effect. You try to keep things positive, and have so many people supporting you, but this one person is that proverbial bad apple. She is that black cloud; that constant reminder. They don’t have a clue how the negatively impact people, and will affect the speed of their recovery.

So today I had to have a conversation with my mother. The wife of a minister, a minister herself, “let go and let God. Do not allow this person to dictate your recovery. Leave it in the Father’s hands to deal with her. Focus on being the person you want to be, and going back to your home.” She will, she is too stubborn not to. But even the most spiritual person will slip at times. My job is to be there and get her back on track. Not to tell her what to do. Even at 91 years old, she will have none of that!

Best Laid Plans

Yesterday was a very mixed up day. The plans for the day kept changing as it progressed. But in the end I ran some errands, spent some time with my son and grandson, and drove down to Cincinnati with my good friend and fellow photographer.

Taken during the day in February

Taken at night in late April

We had dinner and roamed around downtown with our cameras. We were there a couple of months ago during the day to photograph the Contemporary Arts Center. This time she wanted to get some shots of the building at sunset and after dark. We wandered around looking for a way to get higher so we could shoot down, but there was just too much in the way, or buildings were closed. The sunset turned out to be a bust too; no real colors. But we did have a yummy dinner, we were able to get a couple of fun shots, and enjoyed each others company.

This first one I took on our last visit. Then took another one at night. I didn’t have a tripod with me, so the nighttime ones aren’t the sharpest, but we had fun, and learned some new things.

Lately I have been spending time printing up some of my work, and learning how to display it. I usually go all out and do a complete mat and frame. But that can get expensive with every print. So I am learning the best ways to mount on matboard and foamcore. It is a whole new set of skills to learn. Once I get this mastered hopefully I will be able to start selling prints. I want to buy new toys, and have to fund them somehow 😊

Happy Easter

Easter 2001

It is Easter Sunday and all is quiet in the house. Very quiet. I remember Easter mornings from the past. Up to six baskets set up around the kitchen table where each child usually sat. Now we are down to one child left at home, and a college student to boot.
Having ministers as parents you would think Easter Sunday would be all about church. As a child that was true, but as I got older, and both my parents moved to independent ministries, I became less and less of an every Sunday churchgoer. In fact, my father would preach that you don’t need a building or a certain day of the week to learn and pray to God. He started as a Unity minister, then Religious Science, then independent. He got tired of the politics and dealing with the church boards. He wanted to teach, to share, to entertain, to make people happy. So our way of doing it was to learn in the home. Praising God is a 24/7 thing, not just one morning of the week in a certain place. As the years go by, more and more people seem to be gravitating towards this way of thinking. I think a big factor is simply that families are so very busy all week long. When Sunday morning comes all they want is a quiet time together at home. Sunday is the day of family, being together, and a day of resting.

I saw a video on Facebook this morning that really resonated with me. Two present day Moms talking about how the moms of the 90’s had it made. It was very on point! I would take it back to the 80’s too, as that was the time to be a Mom; especially a stay-at-home Mom. By the time the 90’s came along women were more expected to be working moms. The economy was becoming tougher, and more woman entering the work force, and wanting careers. I went back to school, but to be honest I really liked being at home with my kids. I was actually a mom in the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s. I was home with my kids, worked part-time, and then really entered the workforce. I know it from all angles.

In the 80’s I was fortunate to be a military wife in a small town. The cost of living was low, we lived on base, and very few wives I knew worked. We were all at home, raising our children ourselves, and most of the time loved it. I do miss the simplicity of those days, and I am very grateful for them.