Celebrating 100 Years of Service

This past week we had a mural unveiling. The wild child works for the American Red Cross. They are celebrating 100 years of serving our community. Part of the celebration has been the painting of a mural on the side of the building. This gave me a very good excuse to get a new wide-angle lens, LOL.

They wanted a photograph of the mural and part of the building in order to associate it with their chapter. Don’t you love it when you can come up with a perfectly good excuse to get yourself a new toy 😀

The Real Work Begins

Before Hubby’s dad gets home, Hubby is busy taking stock of the condition of the 1939 Ford pick-up that now resides in our garage. He is checking out the engine, ordering necessary parts, and finding some in the bed of the truck.

I, on the other hand, get to be a bit artistic in the photographs I take.

Having this truck in our life right now is really fueling my nostalgic side. I went to an Antique Mall the other day and just wandered around. I started to feel a bit sad; all the discarded things. Things, that at one time someone treasured. I did find a neat gift for Hubby for Father’s Day, but not an antique. I don’t know if I will go back to that Antique Mall. I must admit I was so much more impressed with the store the wild child and I discovered a couple of weekends ago. Maybe it was the company; she does tend to make everything we do more fun <3

Trip to Arizona in January 2017

1939 Ford Pick-up Truck

Yesterday was a fun day for Hubby and two of his friends. The day had finally arrived when he could move his dad’s old 1939 Ford truck to our garage. He has been working for weeks to clean out the garage in order to make room for it. His goal is to get it running for his Dad to drive when they get home from Florida.

This is a beautiful old truck; built the year of his father’s birth. It has been well preserved, and will be a wonderful restoration back to its original look.

Dad will be home in a few weeks, and then the real work will be done. By the two of them. They will build memories that they will both cherish for the rest of their lives. A pretty wonderful thing.