Catching Up Again

Arizona rose

Oh dear! I almost let a whole month go by without a single post! Well I will fix that right now. The past two months plus have been very wonderfully busy.  I wrote a post at the end of September that I didn’t put up. Sometimes I find I get a bit too personal to put it all out there. But in a nutshell, I spent quite a bit of time with my Arizona family in September, and again when I flew out the end of October. I wrote about the special relationships I have with these people, but most importantly the respect and love I have for them.

I went to Arizona this time to say goodbye to a special man. I have written about my first cousin before, my Big Cuz. In January she and her husband moved her older sister to Arizona to live with them. Sadly, not long after he was diagnosed with cancer, and passed away. I flew out to attend the family celebration of his life. I was not surprised by the sharing of love and inclusion I felt from his family. They were just like him.

I also got to spend some wonderful Nana time with my grandson. His mom is a school teacher, and had after school commitments. So, I got to pick him up from daycare, and have some one-on-one time. On Columbus Day I got the whole afternoon, but he just didn’t want to take a nap. This was the extent of his nap, and lasted a whole 10 minutes. I do so love spending time with this little guy.

Another thing that took up some time was the American Red Cross (ARC) “Sound the Alarm” campaign. Due to the numerous natural disasters of late, the ARC has been very busy. This campaign was scheduled before the first hurricane hit down south. So nationally it has been postponed until next year. But we already had so much locked in, it was decided to go ahead locally. The more working smoke detectors we have in homes the better. We had three Saturdays walking neighborhoods, door to door, asking if they had smoke detectors, did they work? Would you like a free new one? I photographed all three events, many smoke detectors were installed, and it was a very fulfilling time. I do enjoy being the local ARC photographer.

Then, before we knew it, Thanksgiving was on the horizon. Each year it gets better and better. This year we realized we just had too much food. Yes, crazy as it seems, there was just too much. Next year we are going to cut things back a bit. We realized by having so much food some things slipped, like the potatoes got cold. But there is always next year 😊

This year, however, the aftermath of Thanksgiving was not the usual take the next 3 days to clean up, get the house back in order, and rest. This year we hit the Black Friday online sale at Lowes for a new dishwasher and refrigerator. They were delivered on Sunday, and we are still working on getting everything back where it is supposed to be. The old dishwasher was broken, so that was easily hauled away. The frig was a different matter. We had an old one we use downstairs to be hauled off. We moved the one from upstairs down to replace it. It is interesting to see how many things have to be moved out of the way to move a frig. All the coats on the coat hooks for example.

Now, let up pause on the coats for a moment. They were piled on the couch in the living room, and this morning the youngest and I sorted through them. To our surprise the bulk of them were Hubby’s. The man who loves the cold, and doesn’t wear coats unless necessary. Yes, a bit bizarre to us too lol

I am taking advantage of the recent events to purge the house again. Yes, we have so much stuff that just gets put back. We don’t use it, we have just always had it. We will make a pile and invite the kids over to ‘shop’. As time goes by we see ourselves becoming out parents. This is that time to pawn off onto the children what we no longer want. Good times!