I am Chuffed!

Yes, this is my British roots coming out, but it is just the perfect word. It means I feel pretty pleased with myself – proud without being obnoxious, lol

Hubby and I belong to a couple different photography groups on Facebook. I find it interesting how very different they are. On one the activity is slim. When things are posted the constructive criticism is often attacked, so people avoid commenting. The other is the total opposite. This is a local Photography Group, and we are totally enjoying it.

The Group does a monthly theme, and the theme for January was Minimalism. I love expanding what I do. Last year my good friend, and fellow photographer, asked me to go to Cincinnati to shoot a building. Yes, take photographs of architecture 😊 You can see what I did here – Getting into the New Year, Feb 24, 2017 and Best Laid Plans, April 27, 2017.

So, the theme for January was Minimalism –  where do I start. The Admin put a link up to see more about it, I also went to my resource for this kind of thing, Ted Forbes – “The Art of Photography.” I then started looking around. This is what I came up with:

This morning Hubby went downstairs to work, and I sat down at my computer to work on a project. He messaged me from downstairs, asking if I had been on Facebook this morning. I hadn’t, so I looked. Here is where being ‘chuffed’ comes into play. My photograph was selected as the best illustration of minimalism, and will be the groups cover photo for the next month!

I am so terrible at self-promotion. I just can’t seem to get myself to go out and do that. When something like this happens, it makes you realize you might just have something.

See more of my work on my Flikr page

Happy New Year 2018

I was very busy over the holidays. Not what you would normally think; hours shopping for the perfect gifts. In fact, our Christmas is very low-key on that level. Thanksgiving is the big day in our house. We always have 20 some people, all the kids, and I just love it. Christmas is when the kids go to their significant others’ families. We go to Hubby’s parents house, and my mother will join us there. Sometimes our kids will be there, this year only the youngest. The big difference is that we have no little ones, so Santa isn’t much in evidence. Yes, we do have our grandson, who is 18 months old now. But for Christmas he is with his parents at his other grandparents’ home. A few years back we started having a traditional German, New Years Day pork and sauerkraut dinner. We have everyone over we weren’t able to spend Christmas Day with, exchange presents, and eat good food.

This year I decided to not fight the shopping craziness, and spent a lot of time in the craft-room. Of course, I couldn’t post things until the gifts were given. Here are some great gift ideas, where I got the patterns (let’s give credit where credit is due), and my thoughts. (Please note, all these photos were taken with either my phone or tablet.)

I started out by making bowl hot pads, or cozy. To be honest, my first sister-in-law shared a tutorial for these on Facebook a while back. I couldn’t find the one she shared, and there were a number of tutorials online. I can’t really give credit to anyone in particular, but to my “little sis” for suggesting it. The tutorials go from the simple, to people who have made really cool reusable templates you can order. I am about mid-way in this.


Then came the Pet Bandana. Keeping in mind we have 6 dogs among the immediate family. My problem here was just figuring out what sizes I needed. The pattern I used was from ShabbyFrabrics.com (with a YouTube tutorial). They turned out fairly nice, although I did make one adjustment. In the instructions they have you leave part of the top seam open to turn it right side out. After the first few, I sewed directly across, and turned them right side out through the holes for the collar. I did still have a sizing issue as they ran a bit big for our dogs. But it was a great place to start, and now I know where to change things for the next time.

Next came the Toddler Bib for my grandson. This also came from ShabbyFabric.com (with a YouTube tutorial), and I really liked it. The only adjustment I made was putting a pocket on one side. They advertised this as a reversible bib. To my mind if the side out is that dirty I wouldn’t want to turn it around, and that mess touch the child’s clothes. Now if you wanted to make the sides completely different for variety, then it is a great idea. But as I was using the same fabric for both sides, one pocket worked fine.









Lastly I needed a couple of extra gifts. I made a padded Wine Bag, by so-sew-easy.com (with a YouTube tutorial). This turned out just beautifully. I used fabric remnants, and turned out a really beautiful gift.

Then I needed a guy gift. That was a real problem. It seems so easy to come up with something a woman would find fun. Eventually I came across this Phone Charger Holder from iThinkSew.com. I did change it a little by adding a faux leather pocket, which made it more masculine looking. It was a real hit. 1 – because they couldn’t figure it out, 2 – they loved it!

I also made a Tablet Holder from Debbie Shore’s book, Half Yard Home. Silly me didn’t take a picture of it. But I will make another one, as it turned out really nice. I also made her Bag Dispenser for the Wild Child a while back, so I will share the photo of that 😊

All-in-all I had a lot of fun. Having a craft-room has made all the difference to being able to get things made. The hardest part was always finding what I needed, and the space to work on it. I now have both, and enables me to get those creative juices going. Just love it <3