Made With Love

Wow, I have been busy. Looking back at the last month or so there has just been such an assortment of things going on. The best part is that I have found myself spending much more time with each of my children, and that is always good.

We had a local event, “Taste of Greene County”, which was held at the WSU Nutter Center. I am a member of the local chamber and offered one of my prints from the Dayton Arcade for the silent auction. The wild child and I decided to go to the event, enjoy the food, and see how the auction went. It was such a neat experience. We were a little voyeuristic, in that we sat at a table across the room and watched people walking by the piece.

As people walked by it was so interesting to see the reactions. Some just walked by, but others would stop and really take it in. Quite a few bid, and there was a scramble at the end. At the announcement of the final countdown a woman ran over and bid, then just at the last minute a man jumped in and wrote a bid down. He and his wife were so excited to have won. We saw he had on a T-shirt for a local volunteer rehab group. So we knew they had a real appreciation of the piece. What was really neat was that just the day before I was at a Red Cross event, and they had partnered with the very same group!

Another perfect example of kid-time would be a few weeks ago my son mentioned to me he was getting our grandson a toddler bed. He needed a fitted sheet and comforter for it and knew I would want to make them. If you remember we did his room in hot air balloons. We wanted to stay in the same theme but change it up a bit. So, we took him shopping and let him pick out what he wanted. He went with airplanes. I got to work trying to figure out what to make. The fitted sheet was easy, but I am not a quilter. I have a lot of respect for people who quilt, especially by hand. But even by machine it is quite a project.

I got onto YouTube and found one done in strips. You cut up the fabric in strips of different widths, sew them together, layer with a filling, I used fleece, and a backing. Then you “stitch in the ditch.” In other words, you sew down the seams. It was quite an adventure for me, but I made something I am proud of, and I know will keep him nice and warm.

Working on the quilt did make me realize something. I don’t get the see my grandson a lot. His parents are busy, life is busy, and so we enjoy every time we do get to spend together. The thing is that as a child I only had one grandparent as the rest had already passed away. I didn’t get to see my Nana much, but I had a wonderful relationship with her. I know I was blessed to have her so long, as she lived to be 96. But I also know now why I have so many thinks knitted by her.

When I was pregnant with the wild child Nana asked me what I needed her to knit. I took this photo to show her I had so much already. But now I realize that when she was knitting things for her great-grandchildren, it was her way of spending time with them. I understand this now. With all the things I have been making for my grandson, every minute I am thinking about him. It is how all the love is instilled in the item, and they really do feel it. It is so very special that we still have all these wonderful things to pass down. Now future generations can feel Nana’s love too. <3