Wow! Where have I been?

Well that is a very good question, where have I been? I pulled up my blog this morning and couldn’t believe it. I haven’t made a post since December 12th!

So my first step was to go back and look at my calendar. What have I been up to? I think the bulk of it is just living. I have spent a lot of time with my kids, Hubby and I have been taking trips, I have been playing around with macro-photography, and just simply enjoying life and the people around me.

That being said, we have had some losses. The wild child works for a non-profit, and with a lot of volunteers. We lost one of the nicest gentleman you would ever want to know and a key volunteer. It hit me hard, but her even harder. Just recently her wonderful dog lost the fight with cancer, and the whole family felt that. I had a cousin pass away in Feb., but due to the weather the memorial was postponed until this past weekend. So, Hubby and I made the trip up to Buffalo to say goodbye and be with the family.

But let’s not dwell on the low side, on the high side I am enjoying the additional job responsibilities. I have been working on learning new forms of knitting. In fact the oldest, wild child and I went to a knitting retreat in February. We had a wonderful time. I haven’t been able to spend too much time in the craft room of late. I have a pile of projects waiting. The #1 is a bag for my oldest BFF. It went on the back burner because I just didn’t like the lining fabric. Hubby and I took a trip to Florida a few weeks ago and they have a wonderful fabric store there. I found the perfect fabric for the bag, but since I have been home it has just been so busy.

Now, as part of my wonderful working from home jobs, I have the option to have the tv on while I am working. The joys of Hulu, Netflix, and even YouTube give me the co-workers that can be missed. You know what I mean, chatting at the water-cooler was really a thing! So lately I was able to catch the first season of Britain’s Best Home Cooks (BBHC) This is going to sound corny, but I have to admit it is probably one of the best competition shows I have ever watched. The contestants all shared a house, which made for a very different dynamic to The Great British Bake Off (TGBBO). I totally enjoyed watching that, but all the contestants went home each week, so they didn’t have the ‘family’ feeling that BBHC did. I love Mary Berry, and she is so good at these types of shows. I loved her in TGBBO, so when I saw BBHC I was thrilled. There is no drama, bad blood, or undermining. The contestants genuinely seem to get along and care about each other. If they don’t, they are great actors, and I don’t want to know! I really have gotten to the point I just want to watch things that make me happy. This show certainly did; so give it a try!