Catching up

It has been quite a week or so. Let me begin by explaining something. Last year my daughters and I joined in on the 100 Days of Happiness on Facebook. It was an interesting, and rewarding experience.  So before we left on our trip, the youngest decided she wanted to do it again so we could chronical our adventures. I must admit that all through the trip it was fine, but when I got home it became very hard to keep up with. I kept missing days, and struggled for things to write about. It wasn’t that there was no ‘happiness’. I know part of it was jet lag and trying to recuperate from the trip. It was also that I was simply busy trying to catch up with work and life in general. When you have been gone a month it takes time to get back into the swing of things.

The biggest adjustment was moving. What I mean is that while we were gone we were out and about all the time. I wore my Fitbit and clocked 2 to 3 times the steps that I had been doing at home. I came back weighing almost the same, but a size smaller in my clothes. I have been fighting trying to find a way to keep up that activity, and failing. Having gained that size back, but no additional weight. I haven’t given up. In fact Hubby and I are now regularly walking 20-30 minutes every morning we can.

I have thousands of photographs to go through that I took on the trip. The youngest wasn’t far behind me. But I got back to having to process them in Lightroom, which I am still learning. It isn’t the actual processing of the photos that is the problem. It is the file management of the program. I can see how it is wonderful for most people, but for me it really sucks. I have had an organized system for years, going back to when I first started in the 80’s. Having our own network in our house backing up is old news, and file organization has always been a priority and we have a system that works very well. Actually better than the Lightroom system. But in order to work in it I have to find a way to adjust, not easy. So I am taking online classes, learning all about it, and slowly getting through all the photos.

Then to top it all off it was colonoscopy time, yuck! Now I am going to go into a little detail here. I want to forewarn others so they don’t have to suffer as I did. Let me state first that this isn’t my first, so I am well aware of how it works. With a family member having colon cancer I had my first 10 years ago, and 5 years ago, and this past Tuesday would be my third. Anyone who has had one will tell you the prep is worse than the actual test. The first two times were bad, but you expect that. This time was a bit different. They have changed the prep to split it into two. Before you would drink all you prep in the evening, be able to empty out by midnight or so, and go the bed. You could get a good 5-6 hours sleep. But with the split prep you drink ½ at 5 in the evening, and I was done about 9pm. But then you have to get up 5-6 hours before your appointment and do the other ½. That meant setting the alarm for 3am, drinking 8 ozs every 15 mins four times, then waiting, and up and down until you empty out. I was still doing that when hooked up to the IV waiting to go in for the test! If we had lived farther away from the office I would have been in trouble! I was told the split prep was especially easier on older people’s system. But for me the stress of not getting any sleep, trying to stay awake to drink 32 ozs in the middle of the night, and laying there waiting for it to hit was far worse than any stress on my system. Also it took me longer to recover from it because I was so exhausted. The forewarning is that I could have opted not to split, I just didn’t know that. So that is why I decided to write about this. Ask your doctor.

The week has been full of other things as well. I am not using this as an excuse for not doing the 100 Days of Happiness entries, more an explanation. The biggest reason for me was not feeling the creativity to write. So, I go back to what I wrote about “Finding the Words”. I have grown and changed by the experiences and I am finding myself again. It is a pretty neat thing, but can also be frustrating. Life is change, and change is life. So we move forward, growing, changing, and enjoying what is around the next corner.


Oxford, England – Just around a corner . . .


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  1. Annemarie-I love reading your blog posts! You really are good at putting your thoughts into words-something I feel inferior at doing….

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