I guess I am what is called a multifaceted person, or a jack of all trades.  But I am a master of some.  I have worked my share of interesting jobs – starting out as a teenager cleaning a bank and as a desk clerk at a motel.  Then I trained as a hairdresser, and photographer, but also got a lot of joy out of crafting, sewing, painting and woodwork.  As the world became more ‘techie’ I picked that up too learning photo restoration, graphics and website design.  So here I am today, I work from home doing all sorts of different things, but most of all I take care of my village.

You know the saying “it takes a village”, well we have one.  This started years ago when we would have random children from the neighborhood at our house all the time.  But also because we moved around a lot and it is a kind of mentality.  When you are far from your families, you make your own.  You take care of each other, and they become your family, or in our case, part of the village.  We are “home” now, but that mentality stays.  Our house is never boring.  We have people coming and going all the time.  And to be honest we like it that way.

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