The best of intentions

I know only a few people will probably ever read these, but it was always my intention to use this like a diary and remember the things in my life that were important to me that I did not mind sharing with anyone in the world who stumbled upon them.

Once again life has gotten in the way of my best intentions.  Day to day I seem to forget to take the few moments that it would take to add something here.  I blame Facebook, I seem to wonder into FB then lose track of time and find I’ve spent 20 minutes just scrolling down through a myriad of friends and random weirdness, usually funny, but still it seems like lost time sometimes.  Of course work, life, family and whatever the crisis of the moment happens to be have all contributed to my lack of attention.

The last few months have been as hectic as is normal is around here.  The last month has been especially trying because first Mama Bear got sick, then about two weeks into it, as she was recovering I managed to catch whatever this bug is.  It seems to be almost opportunistic, capable of determining what part of your immune system is weakest and attacking there.  I ended up with a sinus infection following what appeared to be a cold and cough, then throw in what might have been conjunctivitis on top of the sinus’ infection.

In the middle of all that I also changed employers again, same job, same environment and servers and software that I have been working on for over 11 years now, but this is the 5th employer.

I did try to shoot the Perseid meteor shower and managed to capture a couple.

Persied Meteor Aug. 13, 2018
Perseid Meteor Aug. 13, 2018

And I have managed a couple canning sessions; a few pickles but more salsa.  The neighbors have contributed to that end.  This summer a branch from one of the trees in our back yard came down and took down one of the next door neighbor’s fence panels.  My buddy from across the street (the source of peppers and other yummy garden delights) and I rebuilt the fence panel.  Then the next door neighbor brought over a bag of tomatoes.  The friend from across the street had given me a bunch of sweet-heat peppers and requested a batch of salsa using them instead of my normal Hatch recipe.  So I decided to use both neighbors fresh veggies, and got some more tomatoes from the corner farm stand and made a batch of sweet-heat salsa.  That was an excellent decision, this salsa has enough warmth to let you know it’s salsa, but has a great sweet-heat pepper taste.  The only downside was the batch only made 5 jars, with 2 going across the street and 1 going next door, that only left 2 for us.  I am committed to making at least one more batch of that this year.

Salsa Prep
Salsa Prep

We also took our grandson to see Thomas the Train at one of the local historic railroads.  We were able to ride the train watch it come in and out of the station several times.

Thomas the Train
Thomas the Train

I am ashamed to say I have not worked on the truck in months.  Hurting my shoulder/arm, then life being non-stop, then getting sick, well there just hasn’t been time to get out to the garage for much of anything.

The piano desk on the other hand is almost done, I’ll be putting up a post about that soon.